Seduc launches 1st Amazonense Mathematical Olympiad

Registration is now open and can be made until the day 20 of May.
06/05/2016 13h37 - Updated 6/05/2016 13h40
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With the proposal to mobilize over 100 Amazon thousand students of the public, the State Department of Education (Seduc) launched on Friday, day 6, 1st Amazonense Mathematical Olympiad. The initiative marked the educational activities of the Mathematics National Day, also celebrated on Friday.

The Olympics, first of its kind organized in the Amazon, It has the proposal to contribute to the teaching, motivate students from public schools for learning in sciences and bring greater dynamism to the classroom.

According to the elementary school manager (Early years) the Seduc and Olympics coordinator, Professor Eriberto Achievement educational competition is already open enrollment and will be available for participation of elementary school students, high school and for those enrolled in the Youth and Adult Education.

"This is an unprecedented action in the Amazon and was thought, by Seduc, with their specialists in the field as a pedagogical strategy to reinforce education, and enhance mathematics learning. Equally, It will be a motivating factor to increase the participation of our children and youth in national educational competitions, such as the now traditional Brazilian Mathematical Olympiad Public Schools (OBMEP)”, said Professor.

For the Secretary of State for Education, Rossieli Soares da Silva, are primary objectives of the educational competition: encourage and promote the study of mathematics among students in the state education network; collaborate with the improvement of the teaching of Mathematics in Primary Education; awakening in primary school students curiosity and interest in solving mathematical problems; promote social inclusion through the dissemination of knowledge and identify young talent with mathematical ability.

How to participate
The 1st Amazonense Mathematical Olympiad, already with their open enrollment and can be held until the day 20 May the portal Seduc Internet: In the same e-mail address, on a particular link created for the Olympics, the student interested and your teacher can have access to the regulations and information about educational competition.

As proposed regulation, the Olympics will be divided by levels, according to the series in which the student is enrolled and will be organized in four phases, or steps, different. The first phase will correspond to an objective assessment (with multiple choice questions) which will be applied in the schools on 31 of May. A second phase, with the participation of only the successful students in the first evaluation will, also, organized from an objective test, scheduled for 19 July. The third and final stage, with the participation of the students passed the second stage, It will be organized with discursive evaluation, scheduled to occur on 20 of August.

The end result of the Olympics, with the announcement of the best finishers in each level will be announced by Seduc on 20 of September. The award ceremony, with the delivery of medals, trophies and certificates of participation will take place on 30 of September.

national prominence
Students of public schools, according to the Department of Educational Programs and Policies Seduc, They have achieved prominence in competitions already held nationwide, such as the Brazilian Mathematical Olympiad Public Schools (Obmep) recording to conquer 77 medals in its latest edition, realized in 2015.

The launch of the Olympics and the disclosure of its regulation took place in the auditorium of the state school of Integral Senador Petronio Portela Weather, located at Avenida Bartolomeu Bueno, s/nº, set and neighborhood Dom Pedro, district Midwest Manaus. The event was part of a meeting between teachers organized by Seduc and marking the National Day of Mathematics.

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