Supreme Court suspends the use of “cancer pill”

To the Chief, use without clinical trials can bring more risks than benefits.
19/05/2016 17h29 - Updated 19/05/2016 17h29
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The plenum of the Supreme Court (Supreme Court) He decided on Thursday (19) discontinue use of the call “cancer pill”, by six votes to four.

To the Chief, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, use without clinical trials can bring more health risks than benefits.

The Supreme was the result of ADI (Direct Unconstitutional Action) filed by AMB (Brazilian Medical Association) He is challenging the law that released the size, or use, distribution and manufacturing of synthetic phosphoethanolamine, known as “cancer pill”.

In April this year, President Dilma Rousseff signed without vetoes the law authorizes the use of the substance, three days before the vote in the House of Representatives of the admissibility of the impeachment case against her.

Under the law, the product could be used by patients “by choice”, since they had medical report that confirmed the diagnosis and sign a consent form and responsibility. Besides that, also authorizes “the production, manufacture, import, distribution, prescribing and dispensing the synthetic phosphoethanolamine to regularly authorized agents licensed by the competent health authority”.

The sanction by the President was criticized by the scientific community for releasing a compound that has registered at Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) not proven. The local authority, however, He ruled out the possibility of entering action in court.

Since the proposal was approved in the House, Anvisa argues that the release of the use of the compound carries risks for public health and sets a dangerous precedent, it despises the existing rules for the production and development of drugs and markets, under the force of law, a substance that is outside any possibility of control.

“Who will guarantee the consumer that the substance that is acquiring is not an unscrupulous counterfeiting? Who will ensure that the amount of the substance in the package is informed effectively that there is within each capsule?”, questioned Anvisa.


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