Vanessa Grazziotin argues that Senate suspends Commission of Impeachment

30/05/2016 17h58 - Updated 30/05/2016 18h01
Photo: Waldemir Barreto / Agência Senado

Senator Vanessa Grazziotin (PCdoB-AM) defended the interruption proposal of impeachment to the Senate is aware of the full contents of the plea bargaining Sergio Machado. second Vanessa, after the disclosure of recordings involving Senator Romero Juca, followed by other dialogues published by the press, We can not continue the work of the Commission prepares the definitive removal of President Dilma Rousseff as if the house had not been before "serious events".

For a senator, it is not to delay the process of impeachment, but make the commission work with the truth. She admits that the documents of Sérgio Machado snitching are sensitive information, but believes that the Supreme Court (STF) can allow sharing of such data with Senators. Vanessa Grazziotin believes that the disclosed conversations are "clear proof" that the impeachment is a putschist movement that does not refer to so-called tax pedaling. The senator also criticized the changes promoted by Michel Temer, what, for her, They are not specific to an interim president.

- Not only ministers, but changing ministries. Not only that, no: change policy, economic policy, a foreign policy, senators lords. Foreign policy is not something that is built in months: It is something that is built in years.

Senator Amazon also joined the gang rape of a girl 16 years in Rio de Janeiro to the widespread culture of machismo, and greeted the social movements that rose up against the act of violence, in review, It hurts all women.

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