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09/05/2016 12h00 - Updated 9/05/2016 12h03
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Interim President of the Chamber, Waldir Maranhão, decided to cancel the vote on the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff in the House.

Read below the full text of the statement issued by Maranhão:

“1. The Chairman of the Special Committee of the Senate Impeachment, Senator Raimundo Lira, no dia 27 April this year, forwarded to the House of Representatives, craft in which inquired about the progress of appeal filed by the Federal Attorney General against the decision authorized the initiation of impeachment proceedings against Mrs.. President, Dilma Rousseff.

2.Upon learning this craft, Petition science of existence directed by Mrs.. President, by the Attorney General's Office, that pleaded for annulment of the session held by the House of Representatives, in the days 15, 16 e 17 of April. In this session, as you all know, the plenary of this House adopted its opinion forwarded by the Special Committee that proposed was sent to the Senate for the eventual opening process against Mrs.. President, Dilma Rousseff, liability for crime.

3. As the petition had not yet been decided, I examined her and decided to accept in part the weights contained therein. Desacolhi the complaint of nullity made in relation to the reasons given by Mr.. Deputies at the time of voting, to understand that there were any defects in those votes statements. However, I accepted the other Pleas, understanding that effectively occurred vices that made null and void the session in question. No political parties could have closed question or signed guidance for parliamentarians to vote one way or another, once, in the case they should vote according to their personal convictions and freely. They could parliamentary lords before the completion of the vote have publicly announced their votes, in that it features prejudgment and clear offense to the full rights of defense that are enshrined in the Constitution. In the same way, could not the defense of Mrs.. President of the Republic has ceased to speak last for the vote, just as occurring.

4. I also think that the vote should have been formalized by resolution, for being available to the Internal Rules of the House of Representatives and what was originally foreseen in the impeachment process of President Collor, taken as the paradigm of this FTS for processing impeachment.

5. For these reasons, anulei the session held on 15, 16 e 17 and I determined that a new session be held to decide on the matter within 5 sessions from the date on which the process is returned by the Senate to the House of Representatives.

6. To comply with my decision, escalated letter to the President of the Senate to the records of the impeachment process are returned to the House of Representatives.

Best regards,
Deputy Waldir Maranhão
President of the Chamber of Deputies "

Source: Agency Brazil

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