Traffic changes to Olympic torch relay in Manaus; Look

There will also be changes in the circulation of public transport. 18 hours before passing the torch, there will be parking restrictions.
18/06/2016 20h20 - Updated 19/06/2016 13h10
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not Sunday (19), the Olympic Torch will travel Manaus on a path 39 km. The relay will change the traffic and the movement of public transport on the roads included in the route the Olympic symbol. There will also be parking restrictions.

According to the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Supervision of Manaus Traffic (Manaustrans), 18 hours before passing the torch, there will be car parking restriction in all the streets and avenues that are part of the script. Residents and drivers will be warned in advance so that parked vehicles on nearby streets, perpendicular and parallel.

Traffic will be immediately released after the passing of the torch. The flow of traffic and detours will be monitored for about 300 traffic agents in cars, fixed posts and motorcyclists outriders Institute.

See the interdictions on the roads included in the torch route
Of. Santos Dumont- Interdiction from 8 in the morning, in the stretch between the airport and the Complex 28 March.

Of. Torquato Tapajós- Interdiction to 9 in the morning, from complex 28 March to the Viaduct Flowers, track towards Quarter / Center.

The vehicles will be diverted to the Max Avenue Teixeira.

Of. Constantine Nery- train will go all the Av. Constantino Nery. Interdiction in Viaduct stretch of flowers to av. Teomário Pinto, Starting at 9 in the morning, track towards Quarter / Center.

- Around 10 am Constantino Nery will be closed in both directions, in the stretch between Cel. Teixeira and flowers Overpass for a promotional action is taken in a vehicle shop, located in front of the Arena Amazônia.

– Por volta das 10h30min, Constantino Nery will be closed in both directions, the stretch between access to the neighborhood of St. George and the return under the Bridge of Billiards for a promotional campaign to be held at Patio Gourmet supermarket.

- Train goes by Constantino Nery to Leonardo Malcher Street, to access Luis Antony Street.

- Drivers will be instructed to use Avenida Djalma Batista to divert the restricted passage.

Luis Antony- Prohibitions street from 10 in the morning, in the stretch between Leonardo Malcher Street to Avenida Sete de Setembro (including Gov Street. Vitório).

- Drivers will be instructed to use the Epaminondas Avenue to bypass the restricted passage.
Square D. Pedro II Train circumvents Square and makes a quick stop in front of the City Hall. Follow towards Manaus Moderna.

Rua Alm. Tamandaré, Of. Floriano Peixoto Avenue and Rua dos Bares, Of. Lourenço da Silva Bragae Rua Marques de Santa Cruz will be banned from 11 in the morning.

torch relay follows the av. September 7 (interdicted the stretch between Avenida Floriano Peixoto to Eduardo Ribeiro Avenue), Barroso and Eduardo Ribeiro Avenue Street (Teatro Amazonas non stop).

Relay follows the street Ten July, Getulio Vargas Joaquim Nabuco and Avenida Alvaro Maia (stop at Bradesco agency for promotional action).

A partir da Off. Alvaro Maia, the train follows in car, escorted by motorcycle outriders in, to the School of Technology (EST / UEA). Lunch break. Exit to East Zone in car.

Of. Cosme Ferreira- Temporary suspension at around 14h30, the stretch in front of the maternity Ana Braga, Roundabout including the St. Joseph.

Relay runs through the avenues Autaz Mirim (Grande Circular), Itaúba and Myrrh. Drivers will be instructed to use parallel and perpendicular streets to circulate or park. in Mirra, the torch is placed in the car. Train goes towards Ponte Rio Negro.

Of. Cyril Neves - interdicted from 16 I do not sense av hours. Brazil / Rio Negro Bridge. After the sunset, the relay returns by Cyril Neves and goes towards Ponta Negra.

Of. the. Teixeira- Relay follows in the range of meaning Quarter / Center, with temporary ban. Vehicles will be diverted from the roundabout of av. do Turismo. The leaving perpendicular thoroughfares and roads will be guided to make the next return and follow the path towards center / Neighborhood.

Ponte Rio Black
The Rio Negro Bridge will be banned on Sunday,19,17h, in both directions. The interruption will last approximately one hour, enough time for the relay of the torch that will leave Iranduba toward the city of Manaus.

The Cyrillo Avenue Neves, main road to reach the bridge, district of Compensates, West zone, It will also be blocked in both directions to 16 hours, the stretch from the Avenue Brazil .

On the bridge of the head, in the area of ​​the city of Manaus, Manaustrans agents will monitor traffic to prevent access. on Iranduba, it will be the military police to coordinate interdiction.

Ponta Negra Tourist Complex

Interdiction Beach / center range from the 6 in the morning, following the model of Range Released. Vehicles can leave the complex by Octavian Beauty Bridge (exit Cond. Alphaville) and access to Av. do Turismo.

Vias with Parking Restriction
Of. Constantino Nery - between Avenida. Kako walks and Leonardo Malcher
Rua Luis Antony
Pça. D. Pedro II / City Hall
Tamandaré street, Of. Avenida Floriano Peixoto, Bar Street, Marques de Santa Cruz.
Of. Lourenço da Silva Braga (Manaus Moderna).
Of. Floriano Peixoto.
Of. September 7.
Barroso and Saldanha Marinho streets.
Of. Eduardo Ribeiro.
Street Ten July.
Of. Getulio Vargas
Of. Joaquim Nabuco.
Of. Alvaro Maia (Boulevard).
Autaz Mirim (sense Producer Roundabout).
Of. Itaúba.
Of. Mirra.
Of. Cyrilo Neves.
the. Teixeira.

mass transit
During the Olympic torch relay in the city there will be changes also in the circulation of the public transport buses.

In most of the route, the bus will follow behind the train waiting for the torch relay, returning to normal operation when the release of the traffic on the road.

Only at Avenida Constantino Nery is scheduled itinerary there deviations. A team of 22 transport tax of the Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transportation (SMTU) follow all the way guiding users who are in the stopping points.

The lines originating from the North Zone passing through avenues Torquato Tapajós and Constantino Nery will be diverted to Djalma Batista Avenue. The lines of the West and Midwest areas that normally cater to Pedro Teixeira avenue and street Loris Cordovil will be diverted to the avenues Pedro, Darcy Vargas e Teomário Pinto.

In the stage where the torch will follow the Avenida Cosme Ferreira, from the road complex of St. Joseph, there will be a brief ban on St. Joseph -T5 Integration Terminal, por volta the 14:30.

The route will be finalized in Leisure Ponta Negra complex where buses will circulate the same itinerary of the passenger cars on the avenue Colonel Teixeira, similar to the movement done in days Liberated Range.

The director of transport of SMTU, Thiago Balbi, He explains that there is only need the bus may move to the roundabout located at the junction of Coronel Teixeira avenues and Tourism and to the embarkation / disembarkation in the area of ​​coconut stalls.

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