'Grand corruption kills', says president of Transparency International in Brasilia

José Carlos Ugaz ranked Operation Lava-Jet as a global event to combat corruption.
29/06/2016 16h09 - Updated 29/06/2016 16h09
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In another official commitment by country, President of Transparency International, Jose Carlos Ugaz, He met Tuesday with members that comprise the Mixed Parliamentary Front Against Corruption of Congress. At the meeting with representatives of parties such as the PMDB, PSDB, PSB, PSOL, PPS and Network, Ugaz ranked Lava-jet operation as an example of global anticorruption event, arguing that it go to the end of the investigation.
- Grand corruption kills, and that conditions in Brazil, we can point to the dynamics of the corruption process that we are living. In this sense, for example, internationalization and impact of Lava-jet operation are surpassing any border that want to imagine. The investigations have to go all the way, fall who fall. No one is above the law - said the president of the organization.

Urgaz announced to MPs to back a physical representation of the entity in the country and is willing to help in the investigation of the Lava-Jato. The president of the organization said that the fight against corruption should go beyond political issues, citing the case of the President of the House away, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ).

- We believe that Brazil is being observed throughout the world with its ability to face a huge case of systemic and structural corruption. This effort can not stop because of a political war, as seen in the case of the mayor, What you see in a big corruption case. We want to support this effort - said Urgaz.

The meeting Urgaz with parliamentarians was through the delay of the particulars of the parties to the vacancies of the committee that will discuss the ten measures to fight corruption, created about two weeks. Although classify the delay as strange, the chairman of the parliamentary front which received Urgaz, Deputy Antonio Carlos Mendes Thame (PV-SP), He said he was optimistic about the results of the commission.

- I find it very strange that there is difficulty in the House. If the deputies chose to be public servants, They must face the bonus and the burden. We can be pessimistic in planning, but optimistic in action - said Thame.

This was the second day of meetings with Brazilian officials the president of Transparency International. Before the meeting with parliamentarians, President of Transparency International also met with the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot. On Monday, declared support for the federal judge Sergio Moro, responsible for processes related to Operation Lava-Jato, and offered assistance entity.

Source: The globe

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