AADES publishes final results of the Selection Notice Ajuri Project / Amazon Volunteers

Are 350 volunteers, and 35 places for people with disabilities.
17/06/2016 15h55 - Updated 17/06/2016 15h55
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Secretary of State Extraordinary assigned to the Presidency of the Amazonian Agency for Economic and Social Development (AADES), Ana Paula Aguiar, on Thursday, day 16, homologation and made public the result Final Selection Warning 350 volunteers, and 35 are for people with disabilities to Ajuri Project / Amazon Volunteers Nº001 / 2016.

The ratio of classified volunteers can be found on the website: www.aades.am.gov.br.

The ratio of classified in Volunteer Selection Warning brings the proportion of up to 3 (three) times the number of vacancies offered in Annex I, in the following order: Inscription, Name, Course, Volunteer and Total Score History.

supporting documentation
The selected applicants must submit the supporting documents signed curriculum, as well as those described under item 6.2 the Edict, in AADES headquarters located at Rua Major Gabriel, nº1721, Center, In Manaus, in the days 20/06/2016 a 22/06/2016 from 09h to 14h.

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