Fearing serious charge leaves under dark clouds

Axe Snitching complicates the interim government to aggravate the instability of the alliance that supports in Congress.
16/06/2016 07h19 - Updated 17/06/2016 07h53
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Snitching Sergio Machado installed the pump Lava jet under the chair Michel Temer. After a tumultuous debut, the government began to divert the dark clouds of the crisis for the Congress. Now the time back to close on the Plateau, with a serious and direct indictment of the interim president.

The former president of Transpetro says Temer asked bribe money to the campaign godson Gabriel Chalita. According to the informer, the bill was pushed to Queiroz Galvão, one of the contractors more committed in petrolão.

“The context of the conversation made it clear that what Michel Temer was adjusting to the deponent that this prompt for illicit funds of the companies that had contracts with Transpetro in the form of official donation”, says snitching Axe.

The former senator says that trading took place at Brasilia Air Base, a scenario that the interim usually use for private conversations. Fear had already been cited by other whistleblowers, but this is the first time he is accused of directly asking illegal money for campaign.

President denies charges
in a statement, the president said that the account is “absolutely untrue” and that “always strictly complied with the legal limits to seek resources”. It is impossible not to hear the speech echo other politicians in trouble in Lava Jato.

Axe Snitching also complicates the interim government to aggravate the instability of the alliance that supports in Congress. The entire PMDB summit was reached, Senators Renan Calheiros and Romero Juca former president José Sarney.

The presidents of the PSDB, Aécio Neves, e do DEM, José Agripino, also they entered in the crosshairs. The two helped articulate the impeachment and participated in the assembly of the Ministry of Fear. The case of the toucan seems the most serious. To accuse him of finance about 50 MPs to command the House, Machado suggests that Eduardo Cunha did not invent anything -it was just an apprentice.

Source: Folha de S.Paulo

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