Lawyer of Gleisi campaigns surrenders to police and is arrested in SP

He is suspected of receiving bribes intended for former minister Paulo Bernardo. arrest warrant was issued for Operation Cost Brazil.
27/06/2016 14h20 - Updated 27/06/2016 14h20
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Guilherme lawyer Salles Gonçalves, one of the targets of Operation Cost Brazil, He performed around 17h on Sunday (26) the Superintendency of the Federal Police (PF) in Sao Paulo. There was a remand warrant against him open for alleged involvement in irregularities in the Ministry of Planning.

According to the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and the Federal Police (PF), Gonçalves office, who worked in two campaigns Gleisi Hoffmann Senator (PT), received more than R $ 7 million from 2010 e 2015 through scheme that worked in the Ministry of Planning.

The money, according to investigations, It was a bribe and would be addressed to the former- Minister of Government Planning Lula and Communications in the first government Dilma, Paulo Bernardo.

Operation Cost Brazil arrested the former minister, On thursday (23). It was an offshoot of the 18th stage of Operation Lava Jet pointed deviation of evidence about R $ 100 million credit management service payroll for civil servants at the Ministry of Planning conducted by the company Consist.

"We believe it is an unnecessary measure because since the first search and seizure, In August, we have already shown that the office's accounts were in order regarding the background Consist. At no time, we'll prove it, that money left the office. He never went to Paulo Bernardo. This money is office, is Guilherme, and it is up to him to prove, and we have documents showing that ", said Rodrigo Sanches Rios, who is a lawyer Guilherme Goncalves.

According to the lawyer, money does not refer to fees that Gonçalves received in six months, are fees for five years.

According to the superintendent of the Federal Revenue Service in São Paulo, Fabio Ejchel, from 2010 a 2015, was charged a monthly installment of the EU servers that are consigned loans was directed to the payment policy.

From 70% of R $ 100 million diverted, Paul Bernardo was entitled to amounts ranging from 2,9% a 9,6%, depending on the role it was playing in the government.

The remainder of the total schema (30%) It was as payment for the service Consist.

The percentage amount of Bernardo was directed by law firm that provided services in order “orange”, second Andrey Borges de Mendonça, prosecutor investigating the case. The office was on average 20% do valor total.

Besides Bernardo, other actors were entitled to percentages in the payment of tuition fees, between an American former councilor (SP), that was with 20% of total 70%. The portion that it was up to former councilor, 80% It was intended to EN.

Even as disclosed by the MPF and the PF, former PT treasurer João Vaccari Neto who decided the percentages that each should receive. Vaccari is stuck in Medical Penal Complex, the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, for involvement in corruption scheme , diversion and money laundering discovered in Petrobras.

Note PT
The Workers' Party condemns unnecessary, media, search and seizure carried out at the national headquarters of Sao Paulo.

Amid the succession of facts and allegations involving politicians and businessmen accused of corruption, Riding is a diversionary operation in the renewed attempt to criminalize PT.

Regarding the accusations leveled against members of the party, it is necessary that they are guaranteed the full rights of defense and the principle of presumption of innocence.

A PT, that has nothing to hide, It has always been and is available to the authorities for any clarifications.
The defense João Vaccari Neto did not want to speak about Operation Cost Brazil. Consist already said it always worked and will continue to collaborate with the Federal Court and the investigative bodies.

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