Mason Helper is arrested for having beheaded sister in law

Crime ocorreu após vítima ameaçar contar relação extraconjugal com suspeito.
15/06/2016 15h16 - Updated 15/06/2016 15h16
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A man of 23 years was arrested on Monday (13) accused of murdering his sister in law on 27 of May, in Tourism Avenue, Tarumã district, West Zone of Manaus. The bricklayer's assistant Wilson Conceição da Silva would have beheaded the woman 26 years, buried the victim's body on the ground of a plant and thrown his head in a river. The body was found on Monday (13). The crime occurred after the victim threatened to reveal an alleged affair he had with Wilson.

During a press conference on the morning of Wednesday, day 15, in the building DEHS, in the east of the city delegate, Ivo Martins, He reported that Rosiane's body was found without the head on the afternoon of Monday, day 13, por volta the 17h, in a shallow grave, situated on a private plot, located in the Tourism Avenue, Tarumã district, City West area. The delegate said that the security of the place found the body, which was recognized by the husband of Rosiane, Edney Duarte da Costa, after he identify the woman's clothes.

"The body was in an advanced state of putrefaction. Edney suspected that his wife maintained an extramarital relationship with Wilson, who is married to the sister of Edney, and reported it to police. So the suspicion of crime authorship fell on the offender. The husband of the victim indicated where Wilson lived and investigators went to the site. When located, Mason helper offered no resistance and confessed authorship of the offense ", said Ivo Martins.

As the police authority, Wilson's arrest took place on the evening of the same day, the house where he lived, located Praia do Forte Street, Tarumã district, City West area. The incident occurred in compliance with the arrest warrant, issued by Anésio Rocha Pinheiro judge, Criminal Duty.

During the press conference held this morning the holder of DEHS provided case details. "The victim was sister in law of Wilson and they maintained an extramarital relationship. Days before the offense they fought because Rosiane allegedly threatened to tell his wife of Wilson on the affair. On the day of the crime Wilson called Rosiane to go to the thicket where she was killed, on the pretext that someone wanted to talk to her. The victim was alone at the place and was followed by Wilson. Without her noticing, sneaky way, Wilson struck a machete blow on her neck ", said Martins.

The delegate stressed that during the hearsay bricklayer's assistant reported that after the machete hit the victim collapsed and, then, he cut off her head. "The crime was committed with cruelty. Wilson said he cut his head slowly and Rosiane, with the same machete, He dug the grave where he placed the victim's body. Then he threw his head in the river, along with the weapon used to commit the offense. Despite the steps taken in place, still could not find the object and not the woman's head ", Dr. O. Titulr Declaru Dehs.

Wilson was charged with aggravated murder and concealment of a corpse. At the end of the applicable procedures, held in police unit, Mason helper will be led to the Jailhouse Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, where will wait for court ruling. "The case is properly addressed and, once again, the answer was given by the civil police to the population, the elucidation of another crime ", finished Ivo Martins.

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