Admiral Eletronuclear asked bribe for their 'future projects', says whistleblower

The statement was made by Rogério Nora de Sa, It is one of 11 snitches Operation Lava Jato.
06/06/2016 10h20 - Updated 8/06/2016 10h31
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Former President of Andrade Gutierrez Rogerio Nora de Sa said the Federal Court, in the river, that Admiral Othon Luiz Pinheiro da Silva, during his tenure at the head of the presidency of Eletronuclear, called 'political contribution' to the PT and the PMDB and 'scientific contribution'. According to Rogério Nora, It is one of 11 snitches of contractor, in Operation Lava Jato, Othon Luiz asked 1% for their 'future projects'.

The former president of Eletronuclear, subsidiary of Eletrobrás, He is accused of having received bribes of Andrade Gutierrez and Engevix on construction contracts of the Creek Power Plant 3. Othon Luiz would have received values ​​through intermediary companies, according to the Federal Public Ministry. The admiral is accused of accepting bribes, money laundry, tax evasion, obstruction of justice and criminal organization.

"In his interrogation Rogerio Nora, developer defendant, He confirmed, the president condition of Andrade Gutierrez construction, when there was the decision to resume the work of Angra 3, We had contact with Othon Luiz who asked if the contractor agreed that, for these contracts had sequence, It was held a "political contribution" to the PT and the PMDB. sequentially, Othon Luiz put it, because to be a scientist, I would like Andrade Gutierrez contributed with him 1% on the value of the works so he could meet his future projects ", informs the Federal Public Ministry in closing arguments delivered to court on Friday, 3.

"Roger said he agreed with the request, It is set to, when contracts to raise their efficiency, would be the payment of "political contribution" and "scientific contribution" to Othon Luiz. "

The executive linked to the Andrade Gutierrez cited a meeting in São Paulo in the contractor's headquarters with Othon Luiz. According to Rogério Nora, It was established by him, from that moment, other executive Andrade Gutierrez Clovis Primo, 'Who was present on the occasion, was who would take care of these matters'.

"Rogerio Nora also mentioned previous meeting with Othon Luiz in Rio de Janeiro where he, referring to the resumption of work, established the need for collaboration at the level of payment 1% for the development of turbine design, with the executive of Andrade Gutierrez consented immediately to the election ", points to the Attorney.

"Asked about the benefit that Andrade Gutierrez have hoped to achieve the kickback payments to Othon Luiz, Rogerio Nora said no expected benefit for profitability of the work, but the company is not handicapped or suffer some kind of retaliation that disturbed their progress. At end, clarified did not participate in any unlawful situation involving bidding for the electromechanical assembly. "

The prosecution maintains that Othon 'was the principal architect of the scheme and recipient of bribes from resources that were channeled for long periods for your company Aratec by contractors Engevix and Andrade Gutierrez'. Researchers say the Admiral 'determined the opening of bank accounts of offshore Hydropower Enterprise Limited to wash dirty part of the assets arising from crimes committed at the expense of Eletronuclear'.

The Federal Public Ministry asked, on Friday, the conviction of former president of Eletronuclear. The process is derived from the Operation Lava Jet and runs the 7th Criminal Court of Rio. The process also calls for the condemnation of other 13 people by deviations greater than R $ 4,4 millions, in addition to blocking and amount of refund.

A PT, the PMDB and the former president of Eletronuclear Othon Luiz Pinheiro da Silva categorically denied receiving bribes. The space is open for demonstration.

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