Target Cost Brazil claims to have funded R $ 32 thousand loft for Gleisi Hoffmann during campaign

The lawyer would have used his office in Curitiba to fund electoral expenses character of the PT.
28/06/2016 15h54 - Updated 28/06/2016 15h55
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Operation Cost Brazil indicates that the lawyer Guilherme Salles Gonçalves, onlends alleged kickbacks to the former minister Paulo Bernardo (Planning / Government Lula and Communications / Government Dilma), bankrolled R $ 32 thousand for costs of a rented loft in Brasilia to use Gleisi Hoffmann Senator (PT-PR) during the campaign 2010.

Gonçalves, arrested by federal police on Sunday, 26, in São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport, when we arrived from a trip to Portugal, I would have used his office in Curitiba to fund electoral expenses character of the PT. Gleisi is investigation in the Supreme Court. She has special jurisdiction to the Court.

In this Monday, 27, Gonçalves was heard custody hearing by Judge Paul Bueno de Azevedo, the 6th Federal Criminal Court, that triggered the Cost Brazil.

Besides the lawyer had ordered the arrest ten other targets of the operation, Consist investigating or scheme, among them Paul Bernard. The Consist scheme is an alleged diversion of R $ 100 million from payroll loans under the Ministry of Planning, in her husband's management Gleisi.

Part of that amount, around R $ 7 millions, It would have been passed along to the office Gonçalves, connected to the PT - the office would have left the tuition fee for Paul Bernardo, the same amount.

In August 2015, Operation Pixuleco II, deployment of Lava Jato, He raided the office and seized documents indicating the Gonçalves link and electoral campaigns of the party and in Gleisi 2010.

On Monday, after Gonçalves testimony, the defense of the former minister called for reconsideration of the custody order. The federal judge noted that the hearing "is not intended to produce proof, as explained to all investigated ".

Even so, Guilherme Goncalves own "decided to talk about a number of issues relating to the case, basically denying the suspicions and evidence passed on him ".

The judge noted that documentary evidence has not yet submitted, as, for example, a skill that would demonstrate that the values ​​of Consist stayed with the lawyer.

"However, William himself investigated, at one point, seems to have admitted that, sometimes, Consist the Fund paid some expenses for PB, would Paul Bernard ", the judge noted in the minutes of custody hearing. "In his claim, this would not be something illegal, but common practice of his office, that would be specialized in electoral matters. "

The federal judge said. "We are facing, therefore, a fact that may have multiple interpretations, which is, payment to Paulo Bernardo removed from Consist Fund. The possible justification does not take away the fact, particularly since apparently admitted by the investigated Guilherme Salles Gonçalves, its evidential character. Thus, the evidence, for a while, subsystem. "

at the hearing, Gonçalves, spontaneously, He said he would have agreed to a reduction in the amount of their fees. "It would be for the Court to formulate questions in this custody hearing phase, but could not restrict the speech of the investigated, particularly since he considers useful to its defense. Like this, put this premise, at first, It seemed a little strange to the judgment that the investigation had been paying an absolutely regular and, of inopino, agree to the reduction of values, particularly since the evidence for now demonstrate that the reduction of the values ​​just given on the occasion of Paul Bernardo exit the Ministry of Planning. "

"Not to say that William's version of Salles Gonçalves already fully confirms the Paul Bernardo. It should be noted that this may even be the conclusion after instruction. however, at least for now I understand that the materiality of evidence and delitiva authorship remain in the records, and the protective requirements of probation before mentioned ", said the judge Paulo Bueno de Azevedo.

The judge noted that William Gonçalves mentioned meeting with Paul Bernardo in the Federal Police. "The negative facts for both is natural, before the evidence to show that they acted together in the alleged scheme. "

"After William's testimony Salles Gonçalves, I do not see, at least for now, reasons to review the maintenance decision of the arrest of Paul Bernardo. Therefore, keep the arrest of Paul Bernardo, without prejudice to any petition written analysis to be submitted by the technical defense ", pointed Azevedo.

The judge asked the Federal Prosecutor demonstration on applications for revocation of probation in writing and on applications target values ​​unlock Operation Cost Brazil.

The defense of the former minister Paulo Bernardo, in a statement, He said that "the testimony of William Gonçalves makes clear that Paul Bernardo did not benefit in any way the values ​​that were received from Consist".

The Gleisi Hoffmann advisory also published notes. "In this Monday, 27, Senator Gleisi Hoffmann (PT / PR) manifested the rostrum of the Senate floor and criticized the action of the Federal Police, that on Thursday, 23, He arrested her husband, former Minister Paulo Bernardo.

"Not in nightmares I would have been able to assume that he would be here, this tribune, to defend my husband in a prison ", said Gleisi, huskily. "But I am here to point out an injustice, feeling in their own skin that afflicts every day thousands of people affected by abuse of legal power and police. Here I am, serene and humble, but not humiliated ", continued.

Gleisi said the arrest was a preposterous, Bernardo because not a flight risk and placed at the disposal of Justice several times to clarify the facts.

Senator accused the PF to commit excesses in order to sensationalize the process. On thursday, 23, PF agents raided the functional apartment in the PT lives with Paul Bernardo, in Brasilia.

The target was exclusively the former minister. The PF not seized by Senator documents because such a measure could only be performed by order of the Supreme Court.

Still in the gallery of the Senate, Gleisi said the Justice acts selectively and promotes media spectacles against some politicians. "The operation mounted for the search and seizure in our home and the arrest of Paul was surreal. Even helicopters were used, armed police force, Lots of cars. For this, call attention? show of force? Humiliation? Spending unnecessary public money, it is. It was a clear attempt to humiliate a former minister in Lula and Dilma governments. "

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