Amazon will have bilingual school with French and technical course in Civil Firefighter

The state will have its first public school bilingual specialized in French.
16/06/2016 16h53 - Updated 16/06/2016 16h53
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The Government of Amazonas, through the State Department of Education (Seduc), begins to design the expansion of the network of specialized public schools in bilingual education. After the design of the state school full-time Djalma Batista, which was revitalized and now offers, this year 2016, bilingual education in Japanese, Amazon must win, in 2017, its first state school specialized in bilingual education with an emphasis in French.

With differentiated instructional design, the same school, in addition to providing students a bilingual education, should also, offer vocational high school by offering technical course in firefighter civi.

This Thursday, day 16, Secretary of State of Education, Algemiro Ferreira Lima, led technical meeting dealing on the new educational project of the government, in Seduc headquarters, located in the neighborhood Japiim, area south of Manaus. The meeting had the participation of the deputy commander of the Amazon Fire Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Rodrigues and state representative Cape Maciel, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Public Security of the State of Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard).

According to Seduc, the teaching unit that will adopt the innovative project, in the year of 2017, It will be the state school José Carlos Mestrinho. Located on Peace Street, landfill 40, Industrial district 1, the school already has the administrative partner of the Amazon Fire Brigade.

According to the secretary Algemiro Ferreira Lima, with new project, the government intends to expand the successful model of bilingual school and offer different opportunities for training and development to the student community. "As determined by the Governor Jose Melo, this is a project that is being prepared with the utmost rigor and that the Government does not claim to have launched at the beginning of the year 2017. Our first public school in French should offer students a distinctive education with an emphasis on bilingual education and high school students a technical training with offering technical course in civil fireman ", said the secretary of Seduc.

The state school full time Djalma Batista da Cunha, It is located at Avenida General Rodrigo Octavio, No 1600, Crowned neighborhood 1, East zone, and works with bilingual teaching in Japanese. "For this, the State Government, It aims to enable institutional partnerships in order to expand the project of bilingual education and provide students with an education of excellence ", He completed the secretary of Seduc.

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