Ana Amelia: 'PT does not know how, but knows opposing’

For a senator, It is strange how the PT can react to the resignation of the third minister Temer.
17/06/2016 15h32 - Updated 17/06/2016 15h32
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According to the senator Ana Amélia (PP-RS), the members of PT have selective memory when he accused the administration of interim president Michel Temer to take heed, with measures to resume growth, against rights of the population. She said it was necessary to place the "record straight" and improve communication Temer management with society to show inconsistencies in the discourse of the new opposition.

– The PT is revealing now that is not competent to rule, It is not competent to manage public accounts, but can do well opposition. They are experts - assessed, in a speech on Friday (17).

For a senator, It is strange how the PT can react to the resignation of the third minister Temer on suspicion of committing irregularities itself Dilma fired seven, at the beginning of his government, for the same reason.

She also questioned the fact that the PT's claim “Executive authoritarianism” if the removed president could change the definition of the adjustment policy of minimum wages and pensions to be made by decree, not passing through Congress. this was, remembered, when Senator Romero Juca (PMDB-RR), one of the removed ministers in Temer management, It was government leader.

The senator has also asked on the Untying of Union Revenues. How can they say, she asked, the approval of the DRU would cause chaos in the health and education before that if there was already a shortfall of R $ 20 billion in the sector and the closure of 43 thousand jobs ICUs nationwide?

Ana Amelia also cited a number of unpopular measures taken yet in government Dilma, as changes in access to unemployment insurance and maintenance of what they previously criticized, as the security factor.

The senator also defended, to refute charges that Michel Temer of going to the Presidency due to an operation to try to block the Lava Jato, that of plea bargaining law changes are only made after the closure of the entire operation. One of the changes suggested by Ana Amelia is the punishment for those who mind their vigilantism.

Source: Senate Agency

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