App wants to offer free internet to millions of Brazilians

Brazil is the company's largest market, over 1,5 million users in all states that have 200 thousand hotspots for easy connection without cost.
22/06/2016 16h29 - Updated 22/06/2016 16h29
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O Instabridge, Swedish application for Android and iOS that created the largest share of community wifi networks free world, betting on its expansion in Brazil. The country is the company's largest market, over 1,5 million users in all states that have 200 thousand hotspots for easy connection without cost. All signs are public, originating from universities, stores, cafeterias, restaurants, Shops, among others, sharing the free internet culture.

Until the end of the year, million new Brazilian users will now use the application, according to the company's business plan. The founder Niklas Agevik points out that the application proposal is not just a social action, but the real empowerment of those who need access to quality internet for various purposes. One factor that draws attention in Brazil is that only 57% of the population has Internet access, and the market is still maturing and the potential to grow exponentially.

"Our goal is to provide mechanisms that allow anyone with a mobile device has internet for free to study, search and have fun. We want to give more access to information and knowledge ", highlights. According to Agevik, the proposal of the startup aims to give more chances to the people, because in a world where the internet has particular importance in all spheres of life, who is without access to the network runs the risk of losing many benefits.

Such as research for academic work, important information in the news, chances of employability via websites and search for health treatments. Against this backdrop, it is clear the strength and value of the sharing economy, as well as the user community, promoting access to quality internet for a much larger and diverse group of people.

Are the users that map the sites that offer free wifi and the app frequently updates the database, always testing which hotspots remain active and signal quality. "From the created map, our users are immediately active hotspots close to where they are at the moment ".

The application provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy to search for hotspots nearby driven by the insatiable need for data, wireless access and quality that have a high cost in many parts of the world, according to the executive. "We want to be an alternative to those who can not afford to pay for access Mobile. We believe in a world in which everyone is connected, no one should be below the 'poverty line of data' ".

All this social concern is based on a survey of Instabridge own, in which it was identified that more than half the world's population has no access to internet, but of 2,6 billion people own a smartphone and more 4 will have a billion in the next 4 years. "We believe in doing good, finding and sharing positive solutions where others only see difficulties. We are aware that our work is important ", concludes Agevik.

MMA Mobile Report 2015 - Brazilian scenario Mobile
O estudo MMA Mobile Report 2015, unrelated to the independent surveys Instabridge, It helps to have a clearer idea of ​​accessibility scenario the mobile Internet in Brazil and financial conditions and habits of users.

In an interview with 1.200 people, including millenials, Gen Y, Gen X e Boomers, 35% from Class C; 52%, by Class B; 13% from Class A; near 90% them use a smartphone to access the internet, especially Millenials. For the latter, 66% reported seeking news, sports and jobs; others 31% said study college material, languages ​​and tutorials.

The economy of money on mobile data plans also became clear in the research: 58% of respondents use a prepaid plan; 26%, Postpaid; 15%, control plan. They pay R $ 10 a R$ 30 the use of mobile data 35% their; R $ 31 a R$ 50, 26%; R $ 51 a R$ 70, 12%. Only 2% pay plans R $ 181 a R$ 210.


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