Assembly articulates BOX support for the exhibition "Sport Movement" in Manaus

It will take a collective request to be sent to the president of Caixa Economica Federal.
24/06/2016 14h09 - Updated 24/06/2016 14h10
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The Amazon legislature is one of the organizers to bring the Manaus traveling exhibition "Sport Movement", a selection of 2.500 items from the collection of more than 70 thousand sports artifacts belonging to the collector Roberto Gesta de Melo. The show has seals, coins, trophies, torches, photos, videos, original medals and other objects related to the history of world sports, besides tactile replicas of some exhibits, to promote the inclusion of the visually impaired.

On the morning of Thursday, 23 of June, Roberto Gesta de Melo was in the Legislative Assembly and met with State Representative Alessandra Campêlo (PMDB), the Serafim Correa Members (PSB) and Wanderley Dallas (PMDB), in addition to members of the Committee on Sport and Recreation House.

It was agreed that the Members present at the working meeting will collect signatures of all the parliamentarians of the Assembly for a collective petition to be sent to the president of Caixa Economica Federal, Gilberto Magalhães Occhi, since the state bank is the official sponsor of the exhibition.

Roberto Gesta de Melo second, the idea is that the show happens at the Convention Center Vasco Vasques, next to the Arena da Amazônia, after the Olympic Games Rio 2016. The collector already is assured of support from state and municipal governments for the realization of the exhibition that is unique in the world.

Show is public phenomenon
The exhibition has received more than 125 thousand visitors in São Paulo, Curitiba, Brasilia, Fortress, Recife and Salvador. The Rio de Janeiro, host the Olympic Games 2016, It is the next town on the agenda. The opening will be on 9 July (Saturday), at 16h, and visitation happens to 25 of September, always with free admission, Tuesday to Sunday, from 10h to 21h.

Among the hundreds of highlights are a Golden Bay leaf, original fragment, used in ancient awards; one paper Medal, coined in a concentration camp, by prisoners in World War 2; a limestone fragment dated 2125 A.C., Old Kingdom Egyptian, with hieroglyphics and figures playing sports; plus shirts worn by Adhemar Ferreira da Silva athlete in his greatest achievements representing Brazil.

Motion Sport is a clipping of the largest private collection of the world's sporting artifacts. Comprising eight cores, the exhibition takes the visitor on a tour through the history of the sport, starting with cave paintings and coming up to the present day, without forgetting to pay homage to Brazilian athletes who left their mark on the world sport.

The glory, to athletic saga, the sport while conquest of humanity and symbols of victory are represented by various artifacts on display. The central idea is to present an overview of the different dimensions surrounding the sports practice. Information in Braille and tactile replicas of some parts are also part of the project.

This is not an official event of the Olympic Games / Rio Paralympics 2016 and it is being organized independently, non-profit, commercial, advertising or marketing.

The curator is the Amazon Roberto Gesta de Melo, representative of South America in the International Association of Athletics Federations Council (IAAF), He is president of CONSUDATLE (CONSUDATLE) and the Ibero-American Association of Athletics (THAT). Owner of the largest private collection of the world sporting items, He was president of the Brazilian Athletics Confederation (CBAt), Vice President of the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV) and Secretary of Amazonas State Sports.

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