Audio on rumor Alessandra Campelo can be analyzed in ALE internal affairs

government leader assesses whether conduct Alessandra features breaking parliamentary decorum.
06/06/2016 13h46 - Updated 6/06/2016 13h47
Photo: OF-AM

The audio in the state representative Alessandra Campelo (PMDB) guides her friend Marta Braga (Eduardo Braga's niece) to spread a rumor that the electricity would miss Sunday night, at the behest of Governor Jose Melo (PROS), It can be analyzed in the internal affairs of Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard). Information is government leader of the State Parliament, Mr David Almeida (PSD), which reported on Monday (6) which is already considering whether the act by Mrs, to disseminate false information to denigrate a person, features breaking parliamentary decorum, which can be punished with a term of cassation.

According to the Internal Rules of Aleam, in the section that deals with parliamentary conduct, provide false information and manipulating data for their own benefit are among the prohibited conduct to Members. If the application is submitted by David Adams, the request will be reviewed by Internal Affairs, and Parliament's Ethics Committee, and then submitted to the plenary, where they are needed at least 13 votes to revoke the mandate of Mrs. Test result, second David, It will be released on Tuesday (7).

in audio, leaked on social networks this weekend, Alessandra appears matching Marta spread the news that Melo would send ordain one black out emerged to prevent a complaint proceedings against him, the Fantastic, was broadcast in Manaus. There was no shortage of energy in time.

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