federal bench will ask Temer to reassess creation of environmental reserves in the AM

According to these reserves bench, created by Dilma, will do more harm than benefit the inhabitants of the interior AM.
16/06/2016 16h03 - Updated 16/06/2016 16h05
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Acts of President Dilma Rousseff away (PT) which created five new environmental reserves in the south of the Amazon will be challenged by the President in exercise Michel Temer (PMDB) the federal bench of deputies and senators of the state.

Information is the state representative Platiny Soares (THE), President of the Municipal Affairs Commission and Territorial Review of Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard), since Tuesday (14) It is in Brasilia and heads the group advocating the repeal of acts.

In the days 11 e 12 May this year in the Official Gazette, President Dilma Rousseff issued a series of decrees that created the areas of Environmental Protection (WHAT) Manipur fields, a Biological Reserve (Reba) Manipur, or National Park (steam) Acari and the National Forests (Flona) the Aripuana and Urupadi, in addition to expanding the Flona Amana.

"We have the support of Senator Omar Aziz and congressmen Mark Rotta, Atila Lins, Alfredo Nascimento and Silas House, to create a document that will be delivered directly to the president Temer to abrogate the acts that created these reserves. The deputies and senators understood that these areas will more harm than benefit the inhabitants of the interior of the Amazon ", Soares said Platiny.

All created reserves are in the south of Amazonas and, together, occupy larger area than the state of Alagoas and cover the municipal areas of Manipur, Apuí, Borba, Novo Aripuana and Maués. According to the National System of Conservation Units national parks and biological reserves are integral protected areas without the action of man. Already protected areas should be exploited in a sustainable manner.

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