Bench defending Rousseff in the Senate Commission accepts procrastination video

Vanessa Grazziotin, Fátima Bezerra, Gleisi Hoffmann, Lindbergh Farias want to extend until September vote on impeachment.
15/06/2016 11h12 - Updated 15/06/2016 11h13
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Senators Vanessa Grazziotin, Fátima Bezerra, Gleisi Hoffmann, Lindbergh Farias and the lawyer José Eduardo Cardozo claim video they need “push the deadline for September increasing the chance of Dilma”. Senator Lindbergh explains at the end of the video that the defense needs to gain time in the discussions within the Special Committee's impeachment in the Senate.

All Senators, known as the 'Bench of Pacifier', They speak in the video trying to prove the inconsistency of the complaint against the president away. Cardozo starts saying “No one can say, for example, in the case of cycling which the act that the president practiced, TCU staff can not tell, Revenue also claims that there was no act, today deponents who just took care of the Harvest Plan management show that there was no act, no guile visibly because it discusses a legally very complex plane was credit operation, it was not. So do not act, fraud, It has nothing. It is an absolutely hollow complaint and every passing day it becomes more evident”, says lawyer.

Senator Gleisi argues that if the committee work seriously, they will be able to prove that there was no crime of responsibility and Senator Fátima Bezerra pointed out that the group is “resisting bravely in tune with the social and popular mobilization to defeat the impeachment”.

Already representative senator Amazon, Vanessa Grazziotin, continues in the discourse of 'political coup'. she says “moçada, the fight is not over. We are resisting bravely, to Senator Fátima, Lindberg and Gleisi, the defense has been very good and we are unmasking them”.

Lindbergh completes the video explaining that the defense wants to gain time on the Commission to extend the work by December and try to convince the undecided senators.

“Pushing for September we gain time increasing our chance because Temer Government is a government of crisis, every week is a new crisis and we know who are undecided senators. We here are believing, but for that we must push this deadline”, says Vanessa and concluded by saying that “is not procrastination, but the right of defense”.

But once the senators shamelessly demonstrate the strategy undermine the work of the Senate Committee.

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