Boi-bumbá Guaranteed wins 51 Parintins Festival

Bumba champion presented the theme 'Celebration’ in 3 nights dispute. Counting the votes of the jury took place on Monday (27).
27/06/2016 17h30 - Updated 27/06/2016 17h30
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The Ox-bumbá Guaranteed won the 51st Parintins Festival. The contest was held on Friday (24), Saturday (25) and Sunday (26). For the first time, the number of items evaluated was reduced. The downtown Ox San Jose, It is known as the bumbá, won with the difference 3 the 10th.

The college champion presented the topic “Celebration”. The Guaranteed emphasized the religious and celebrated life. Red and white bumbá made a tour of the tradition and faith, rescued the origins of “ox heart” and celebrated Indian heritage in the cultural formation of the Amazon.

The capricious presented the topic “Viva Parintins”, which he extolled the culture and the beauty of the island Tupinambarana. The blue and white took to the arena a tribute to the forest and the island of Parintins, located 369 km from Manaus.

Each item presented was judged by two judges. The lowest grade per night was discarded.

The Red and White lost the first night of competition for two tenths, but recovered to score to win the second night. The third evening show ended in a draw. The Capricious accumulated 488,5 points. The Guaranteed managed 488,8.


The last night of dispute had reduction in the number of trial points, but bumbás took all the items to the arena. We evaluated the questions: presenter – item 1; lifter toadas – item 2; batucada or marujada – item 3; amo do boi – item 6; ox-bumbá evolution – item 10; tune, lyrics and music – item 11; and galley – item 19.
According to bumbás, the change occurred under the influence of economic crisis. After the state government announced the cutting of funds for the festival.

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