Guaranteed Boi opens first night of Parintins Folklore Festival

The presentations of the Guaranteed were divided into three sub-themes and the first was the ancestry.
25/06/2016 11h38 - Updated 26/06/2016 13h37
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With the crowded Bumbódromo, the Guaranteed Boi opened at 21:15 this Friday (24) the 51st edition of the Parintins Folklore Festival, not Amazonas. “Celebration” It is the theme of this year's red bumbá, that exalts and celebrates the roots and cultural diversity of the peoples of the Amazon. The presentations of the Guaranteed were divided into three sub-themes and the first was the ancestry.

"The Amazon is a great universe of cultures and miscegenation. And all this was the legacy of our ancestors and formed our cultural identity. So, on the first night, the Guaranteed Boi celebrates ancestry, our spirituality, all this mixed cultural training that is now the Amazonian people ", said Joao Oliveira, Arena director and member of the Red Ox Art Commission.

During the presentation, the Guaranteed showed, through allegories, Music and choreography, or indigenous ritual Karajá, which brings a vision of the "end apocalyptic and rebirth". It was also presented the cultural diversity of the ox and its influences and folklore of different religions. They were represented on a float, for example, Would, of black culture, Kananciuê, da indigenous culture karajá, Jesus, white culture, e Yuruparí, entity largest Arawak people, the Upper Rio Negro in the Amazon.

O Boi Caprichoso, trying the championship, He entered the arena of Bumbódromo by midnight back. Blue bumbá brings the theme this year "Viva Parintins", to enhance the island Tupinambarana, It is also known as city. "In reality it is a great snapshot of what we are as a region, while policy, culture and folklore hatcher that we now developing in Parintins ", said Chico Cardoso, member of the Arts Council of Capricious.

As the Guaranteed, the Blue Ox also divided the presentation into three subtopics. On the first night, the audience watched the 'Long live our folklore'. "The presentation brings elements of Northeastern folklore into the Amazon, referring to the great migration that was from the Northeast to the Amazon in the rubber period ", Cardoso added.

The Capricious led to the Bumbódromo arena, in his first presentation, A Algoria "Tandvú, the beast of the rivers ", representing an Amazon legend. It is a belief of Indians Parintintins, that a creature was launched a long time ago in the depths of rivers and at night she whispers funeral melodies, causing strong waves. The Indian who enters the water with evil thoughts awakens tandavú and is sent off for it with alligators, otters and other animals. The presentation of the Blue Ox ended at 2:40 a.m..

indigenous and Amazonian legend ritual are among the 21 items that will be evaluated by the seven judges on the first two nights of Parintins Festival. This Sunday (26), last day of the event, only seven items will be evaluated. The measure was adopted by oxen as a way to save due to the economic crisis.

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