Bolsonaro says Supreme Court decision on incitement to rape hurts immunity

The deputy went to the defendant condition for incitement to rape and injury by saying that just do not rape Mrs Maria do Rosario because she "did not deserve".
22/06/2016 15h06 - Updated 22/06/2016 15h06
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Congressman Jair Bolsonaro (PSC-RJ) he said today (21) that the decision of the Supreme Court to accept the complaint against him for inciting rape crime of speech in 2014 injures parliamentary immunity.

no day 9 December 2014, in a speech on the House floor, Bolsonaro said just do not rape Mrs Maria do Rosário (PT-RS) because she "did not deserve". The next day, parliamentary repeated the statement in an interview to the newspaper Zero Hora.

The First Chamber of the Supreme Court (STF) accepted complaint lodged by the Attorney General's Office (PGR) and Rosario Mrs Maria's criminal complaint. With the decision, the deputy went to the defendant condition for inciting rape crime and injury.

to Bolsonaro, the Supreme Court decision is a signal that parliamentary immunity for words, opinion and vote "is not absolute". According to him, the episode that led to the investigation originated in 2003, in a discussion in which the Rosary Mary would have called rapist.

In season, second Bolsonaro, he did not enter action against Mrs believing "in immunity [parliamentary] by word, opinion and vote ".

During an interview to comment on the decision of the Supreme, Congressman urged ministers of the Court. "I humbly appeal to the ministers of the Supreme Court who voted to open the process to not condemn me, to reflect on this case, not only the issue of immunity here [Congress], and where I am ", said. "From now on, our immunity material would be not absolute. It was a fight that took place in 2003 this Green Hall and got to this point. "

Source: Agency Brazil

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