Braga is considering applying to the Manaus city to escape the Lava Jet sights

If elected mayor of Manaus the forum of pemedebista pass to the Amazon Court.
17/06/2016 14h11 - Updated 18/06/2016 12h32
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In his denunciation according winning former president of Transpetro, Sérgio Machado, stars in another chapter of telling operating Lava jet that brought up this time 'all propineiros' of his personal payroll. He confessed to having passed illegal funds to more than 20 politicians from various parties between the cited are strong names PMDB as Renan Calheiros, Romero Juca and Eduardo Braga who acted to bring his command the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

To escape the pressure, Braga, according to an article published in the Netherlands Portal on Thursday(16), ever wondered if run for mayor of Manaus. If elected the forum of pemedebista pass to the Amazon Court.

Months ago, Braga, He had stated that it would not be a candidate in the elections of that year and signaled support the candidacy of Mr Mark Rotta for mayor. Involvement in Lava jet makes complicated the life of pemedebista that obviously, in a statement, He denied all that the informer said and classified its citation as' slanderous, abject and criminal '.

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