Braga is appointed rapporteur of the project that guides the use of federal resources 2017

Even quoted in Lava Jato, Senator was appointed by the PMDB to report LDO which is being processed in the Senate CMO.
04/06/2016 15h57 - Updated 4/06/2016 15h59
Photo: Geraldo Magela / Agência Senado (07/05/2014)

With a series of allegations involving misuse of public funds, and even after being Minister of Mines and Energy, Senator Eduardo Braga (PMDB) He was nominated by his party, o PMDB, this Friday (03), to report the Budget Guidelines Project (PLDO) 2017 Federal Government, that guides the preparation of the Annual Budget Law (LOA), detailing where federal funds will be invested in 2017. The PLDO is moving in the Joint Committee on Planning, Public Budgets and Monitoring (CMO) Senate.

Information on the statement of Braga was published on the Facebook page of the Parliamentary. The text says that the indication is for the rapporteur of the LOA, but the proposal only tramitará in Congress from October. The report tried to contact the advice of Parliament to clarify the data, unsuccessfully.

Braga resumed parliamentary activities on the last day 22 of May, after controlling for 15 months the Ministry of Mines and Energy during the government of Dilma Rousseff (PT), still away and responding to the impeachment process. This means that if your statement being accepted, Braga will report the accounts of a government that he was part. The senator was one of the last ministers of PMDB to resign, even after his party desembargou Dilma base.

The parliamentarian also had the name cited in the plea bargaining of Andrade Gutierrez construction company's former executives investigated in Operation Lava Jato, named as one of those who received kickbacks in the construction works carried out in the Amazon, as the Arena da Amazonia. in tipoff, the former executives Clovis Peixoto and Cousin Nora Rogério de Sá suggested that Braga received 10% Arena of the work value in kickbacks. The Arena was auctioned for $ 499,5 millions, but it was completed at a cost of R $ 757,5 millions, after additives.

Other companies responsible for major projects in the Amazon, Eduardo Braga in management when state governor, They are also targets of research Lava Jato. Among them Camargo Corrêa, responsible for building the bridge over the Rio Negro and cost $ 1,099 billion to the state coffers.

The Coari-Manaus pipeline, whose construction began in 2006 in Braga management, It is also being investigated in Operation Lavo Jet. Sheet detailing the diverted percentage of each Petrobras work show that companies responsible for the construction of the Coari-Manaus pipeline paid R $ 6,6 million in kickbacks for parties and employees of state. The work was originally budgeted at R $ 2,4 billion. after additives, the total cost of the project closed at R $ 4,5 billion.

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