Brazil works for security at the Olympics

In August and September, Rio expects to receive approximately 700 thousand tourists.
26/06/2016 13h30 - Updated 27/06/2016 10h41
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we last 10 years, Brazil hosted several events of major. pan-American Games (2007), Confederations Cup (2013) and World Cup (2014) are some examples of sports disputes that had the Brazilian lands as background.

The country is now preparing to receive the greatest of them: the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016. And the security scheme needs to monitor the magnitude of the competition.

“The Games are the summation of all other events in one, an intense event that we have as a primary need the integration process in the work of various public security institutions”, said Andrei Rodrigues, Security Special Secretariat for Large Events.

In August and September, Rio expects to receive approximately 700 thousand tourists, 209 nations, 100 Heads of state and about 12 thousand athletes.

Rodrigues points out that the security strategy can not follow exactly the molds used in the World Cup. “We will not have the concept of exclusive escort for each of the delegations. We work with the concept of safe environments, that is, Competition areas, training and hosting”.

displacement routes of athletes are also part of a specific plan. The technology – monitoring system for video, Israeli satellite high precision and other mechanisms – It will be combined with the patrolling of areas.

The secretary rule out a different treatment for more targeted delegations, as the United States and France. “I can not deal with more fragile so that any security delegation”, he explained. The Consul General of Israel in São Paulo, Yoel Barnea, It emphasizes that terrorism is a global problem.

“Israel takes the necessary steps to protect its delegations abroad, including the athletes who will participate in the Olympics. These measures will be taken in full cooperation with the security forces of Brazil and we have close coordination with the Brazilian authorities”, said.

The Brazil activate during the Olympic Games the Antiterrorism Integrated Center and the International Police Cooperation Centre.

Near 250 foreign police, from 55 countries, They will always be triggered there is a citizen of your country involved in a mishap and provide support especially in the identification process and the communication of a national language.

Despite avoid distinctions between committees, Rodrigues recognizes that some situations require a higher operating contingent and gives guarantees of “level security features that require”.

This is the case, for example, the Brazilian soccer team, the US basketball team and track and field stars, as Usain Bolt.

For acclimation period, the planning of the operation is performed in the major events security model in partnership with the United. The information provided by the Rio 2016 Committee determine the police force. São Paulo is in the list of cities that await foreigners.

From day 19 July, Hebrew receive 40 Japan members (swimming), 25 Israel (swimming, judo and athletics) and the Brazilian men's basketball.

The institution avoids talking in a special security scheme. “The club already has a very strict protocol, we will follow him”, said Fabio Topczewski, vice president of Hebraica Sports.

The secretary Andrei Rodrigues highlights “maturing of institutions” and shows tranquility. “Knowing the challenges and be able to reproduce the operating model that we adopted in previous events gives us confidence that we are on track”.


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