Whitewashed crushes the farce of Vanessa Grazziotin in response to it at a meeting of the Impeachment Committee

Senator as always tried to hinder the progress of work at a meeting held yesterday, 14.
15/06/2016 07h51 - Updated 16/06/2016 00h40
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During work of the Special Committee on Impeachment, on Tuesday (14), no Federal Senate, Senator Vanessa Grazziotin (PCdoB) as it always has questions baseless. This time, Senator questioned a request from Senator Roberto Caiado (THE), who asked the president Raimundo Lira Commission (PMDB) that the period of work are met, and the hearing of witnesses.

Vanessa did not like any little request Caiado and said he did not imagine that the senator had the arrogance to raise the issue, on compliance with the calendar. The senator said this because they do not want the work to be completed and Dilma suffer impeachment. She accused Caiado of wanting to go 'over’ the Commission president's authority, as another way to 'theater’ as it is usual, using a phrase “This is not the Senator Farm for him to spend with tractor over the people”.

Or senator used once, He gave an answer to the height revealing once again the farce that is the senator PCdoB. whitewashed said “If I have my farms were acquired worthily, if I have spent with my family they are also worthy and my farms were not acquired by Petrobras , or corruption. Not become in farmer after turned political, My heritage originates, different from that attack me. As such Mr. President I demand the minimum respect of this committee. We are doing a debate in the field of ideas, if you come to the field staff also know face. I am a respectful man and gentleman, as such bring here data and arguments, up to me to direct me to your Excellency and request a response to this committee. Otherwise it would fall and aggression”, returned Senator, leaving Vanessa caladinha.

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