House charges the CMA information on captive animals

The charge is made by the Environment Committee of the Legislative House.
23/06/2016 07h29 - Updated 23/06/2016 07h29
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The chairman of the Environment Committee of the Manaus City Hall (CMM), Councilman Everaldo Farias (PV), has filed an application charging information of the Amazon Military Command (CMA) on the status of animals in captivity in the institution and also requested information on the death of Oz Juma, which was shot on the last day 19, after participating in the relay ceremony of the Olympic torch in the city.

During speech na CMM, Everaldo Farias said it is necessary to think about the event in a practical way, charging information on the concrete measures to be taken by the CMA after the death of the animal. For him, the Military Command needs to review its policy of "exposure" of wild animals in events.

"It became clear to us and to the whole society that is not feasible to expose these animals in great events and also keep them in captivity. We want to know the CMA if other animals are in this situation and what will be done to prevent the tragedy such as occurred with the Juma ounce does not happen again ", said Everaldo.

The councilman also said it is not clear the situation where the jaguar was killed by the military. "It is necessary that the Military Command clarify to society the measures taken to prevent this from happening again, especially with animals that are endangered and explain what happened. The death of Juma leads us to question up to the keeping of wild animals in centers of the Army in the Amazon ", he emphasized.

Green Party leader do na CMM, Everaldo said the Government can not pass the death of the animal without the concrete analysis of the case. "The tragic fate of Juma draws attention to the situation increasingly precarious species, listed as endangered in Brazil by Ibama in 2003. The exhibition it does not match with that intense movement. It must be clear how to proceed from now, We are closely following and demanding explanations ", He finished the parliamentary.

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