Cardozo delivery at the end of the new late defense Dilma in the Senate Committee

The term 20 days for defense presentation in the second impeachment step ends today.
01/06/2016 10h12 - Updated 1/06/2016 10h12
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ends today (1º) the term 20 days given to President Dilma Rousseff away present preliminary defense in the second stage of the impeachment process, under consideration in the Senate. The expectation is that at 17h the former general attorney José Eduardo Cardozo Union, responsible for defending the PT from the processing of the case in the House of Representatives, personally will deliver the document to the Commission suing the Impeachment.

Tomorrow (2), the joint committee meets to discuss the schedule of activities of this stage, call pronunciation. This is where are gathered all the evidence for and against the process, steps can also be made. There will be a time for the prosecution resubmit their arguments and also to Dilma Rousseff defend personally or through lawyers. From there, parliamentarians decide whether the complaint against Dilma proceeds and whether it should be brought to final judgment.

A proposed schedule was presented by the rapporteur of the college, Senator Antonio Anastasia (PSDB-MG), last week, but due to a request for examination made by senators opposed to Dilma offside, who complain less haste in conducting the process, the calendar will only be confirmed tomorrow at the committee meeting.

Anastasia believes that the day 27 July take place the vote on the opinion committee, which will indicate whether there is evidence of the practice of a crime committed by the president away. According to the toucan, the plenary of the House will be able to vote on the report by the pronunciation 2 of August. Both in committee and in plenary, once again, the vote will be by simple majority, half plus one of the senators present in the session.

Dilma In defense play, which was only completed in the early hours, Cardozo should reinforce the view that the acts for which the removed president is accused do not constitute criminal responsibility and that the impeachment process has "source vices", why, according to him, It is motivated by "president of revenge away from Camera" Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ). to Cardozo, Cunha turned against Dilma after failing to get support from PT to stop the proceedings against him in the Council of Ethics in the House.

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