Carlinhos Cachoeira and Fernando Cavendish are operating targets of PF

The PF served prison diversion scheme share of accused warrants of public funds.
30/06/2016 11h55 - Updated 30/06/2016 11h55
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Under the Operation Marauder, Federal police meet today (30) arrest warrants of accused of participation in a diversion scheme of public funds and money laundering, no amount of R $ 370 millions. According to the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), the main accused are businessman Fernando Cavendish, president of the construction company Delta, and the bookie Carlinhos Cachoeira.

Beyond, They were reported 22 people - executives, directors, treasurer and directors of construction company, as well as owners and accountants ghost companies, created by Carlinhos Cachoeira, Adir Assad e Marcelo Abbud.

According to the MPF, reastreados were payments made by the Delta shell companies. It was also found higher values ​​of these transfers in election years. transfers were made, for example, R $ 80 million for a non-existent work called Transposition of Rio Turvo, in Rio de Janeiro.

The companies, that existed only on paper, received the money, but they did not perform the service. According to the MPF, companies of Adir Assad and Marcelo Abbud were issuing false invoices not only for Delta, but for many other firms. According to investigations, the scheme also served to support the corruption at Petrobras.

At this time, police fulfill the arrest warrants and search and arrest warrants at addresses in Rio de Janeiro, Goiânia and São Paulo.

The MPF will disclose more details of Operation Marauder, at 10 am, at a news conference in Rio.

Source: Agency Brazil

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