CMA omits participation of Juma tour in the torch in the AM

Army said Juma participated relay coincidentally.
22/06/2016 19h48 - Updated 22/06/2016 19h48
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The jaguar Juma – which was slaughtered in the War Training Center in Selva (Cigs) after participating in the Olympic Torch Relay in Manaus, on Monday (20) – It was not the animal “protagonist of the event”, the military said. The information was disclosed in note issued after the Rio Committee 2016 say that was wrong to allow the use of wild animals. During the relay, Simba and the Juma ounces were present at the Olympic ceremony.

The jaguar was killed with a pistol shot after escaping during cage transition. Although the use of tranquilizers darts, the animal also advanced on one of the veterinarians and ended up being slaughtered, according to the Military.

The statement of the Amazon Military Command (CMA) reported, on the night of Tuesday (21), or feline that Juma, killed while being taken to the cage, It was sent to Cigs to perform veterinary examinations.

In the recorded images on the site it is possible to identify two ounces through security procedure adopted in the exposure of animals. Simba was arrested by chains and a rod. She stood in front of the main ceremony site. Juma was already exposed to the public in another area of ​​the event only with chains, the entrance to a track where drivers passed with the torch.

Segundo o CMA, Juma was inside the Cigs the zoo where the torch passed “the occasion of the third relay to the fourth driver in the forest edge”, which is on track entry, time that was photographed. Even as the Army, the animal was “in their habitat”.

Olympic Committee
The organization of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 He ruled on Tuesday (21) over death of Oz Juma. “Erred by allowing the Olympic Torch, symbol of peace and unity among peoples, were displayed next to a chained wild animal”, He admitted the committee.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Rio 2016 said the incident “contrary to the beliefs and values” the organization.

See full note:

Erred by allowing the Olympic Torch, symbol of peace and unity among peoples, were displayed next to a chained wild animal. This scene contradicts our beliefs and values.

We are very saddened by the outcome that occurred after the passing of the torch. We guarantee that we will not see more situations like the Rio Games 2016.

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