Codam: Pulp production in PIM gains strength with new implementation projects

Codam meeting was held on Wednesday, 29.
30/06/2016 07h47 - Updated 30/06/2016 18h34
Photo: Press Release / SEPLAN-Cti

The pulp production gains momentum in the Industrial Pole of Manaus with the approval of two projects in 262ª meeting of the State of Amazonas Development Council (Codam), held on Wednesday, na Fieam, including a unit of national industry giant, a KIabin S.A, for the manufacture of boxes, sheets and cardboard artifacts, with initial investments of R $ 46.7 millions.

Also in the pulp segment JC Trade and Paper Industry approved another project worth just over half a million reais for the production of corrugated paper box. The unit Klabin in PIM, that two days ago opened a manufacturing plant in the municipality of Ortigueira, Parana, It should work as a group expansion base. Klabin is currently the largest producer and exporter country national paper.

New investments in the pulp segment signal, according to the Secretary of State for Planning, Thomaz Nogueira, the local industrial park can be strengthened beyond traditional sectors. It is significant also these projects, He added the secretary, because they indicate that the industry of final goods, which is intended for much of the cardboard production, wait at least, keep, or perhaps enlarge, production inventories in the second half.

"We went through a period of crisis as has long been the country via. So, each of the projects of this agenda ends up winning more relevant because it shows the determination of investors to continue investing in the Free Zone of Manaus and Amazonas ", assessed Thomaz Nogueira.

The holder of SEPLAN-CTI pointed out that jobs projected in the approved projects will not be available in the immediate market, but rather will be created. "It is not possible to produce without labor, and if companies are relating the number of vacancies is already half done ", he said.


The Secretary of State for Finance Afonso Lobo, Advisor Codam, He took stock of the collection of the State, still "very critical", according to him. January 2014 to March this year, detailed Wolf, industrial production registered a decline of 37,8%, impacting between 60 e 70 million / month in ICMS collection from the industrial sector. "Even so, the State Government has been able to honor its commitments, paying functionalism and suppliers ", he added.

The meeting Codam also attended by the superintendent of the Manaus Free Zone Rebecca Garcia, who stressed the importance of adopting new agenda investments amid economic crisis.

Balance of Days

The secretary Thomaz Nogueira took advantage of the meeting to inform the businessmen that the Government is completing the study for the development of the New Economic Matrix Environmental Amazon, after systematized the proposals collected in the Development Days held in April and May.

"Soon we will be presenting the whole of society this study that we hope will be a milestone in building a sustainable development model", said Thomaz Nogueira.

more jobs

Total, the Codam approved 40 projects, one of them in additional staff, which expanded investments to R $ 914 million and 1.872 work stations. The agenda of the third meeting of the Council also approved the project of Semp Industry and Trade, now no association with Thoshiba, for TV manufacturing in color and LCD display at a cost of R $ 245 million with the promise of generating 410 jobs, and Positivo Informática for the production of commercial transaction machines debit and credit the amount of R $ 189 million and 246 work stations.

Year to date, in three meetings Codam, counting that was held on Wednesday, investments add up 2.908 billion in 112 approved projects with expectations of 4.242 vacancies in the labor market.

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