Collor is investigated on suspicion of bribery in building works of BR Distribuidora

Opening investigation was authorized by the Minister Teori Zavascki in May. Senator always denied having received bribes from companies or individuals.
13/06/2016 17h41 - Updated 13/06/2016 17h41
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Senator and former president Fernando Collor de Mello (PTC-AL) It opens investigation target by the Supreme Court (STF) on suspicion of receiving bribes in a construction contract the building of BR Distribuidora in Salvador (BA) in 2013. The suspicion is that he has committed the crime of accepting bribes.

The survey, the sixth research Collor during Operation Lava Jet, It was authorized in útlimo day 13 May the Minister Teori Zavascki, Rapporteur of the operation in the Supreme Court. The investigation is underway at the Federal Police.

According to calculation data, who lost the secret of Justice because of a decision of the Minister, the calculation is based on plea bargaining the former director of Petrobas and BR Distribuidora Nestor Cervero.

Cervero reported that was sought by the Bahian entrepreneur Paulo Roberto de Oliveira, interested in taking advantage of the appreciation of the BR Distribuidora in Bahia office. The proposal was that the company had a new building, with specifications defined to meet the subsidiary.

The deal was 60% with the OAS and 40% with Paulo Roberto de Oliveira, second delation. According Cerveró, he himself would receive R $ 500 thousand of bribery and another director of BR, Vilson Reichenbach, additional $ 500 one thousand.

According to the former director, the former minister of Collor, Pedro Paulo Leoni Ramos, it was the Collor operator in BR Distribuidora, hit bribe with Leo Pinheiro, da OAS “in amounts that does not know exactly, on behalf of Fernando Collor”.

“The BR was a feud since Collor 2009, when his presidency and two boards were delivered by President Lula Collor”, Cervero told.

Since we had the name involved in investigations under the Lava Jato, Collor has always denied having received money from companies and individuals. Last week, through its press office, Senator said repudiate the terms of the awarded denunciation of Cerveró. “Senator rejects the terms of the criminal accusation confess Nestor Cervero,
which are absolutely liars in that concern you”, the statement said.

By asking research, Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, pointed out that the statements of Cerveró “They are rich in details, referring to various circumstances and people possibly involved. moreover, the parliamentarian in question has been rightly denounced by integrating criminal organization focused on corruption and money laundering within the BR Distribuidora”.

“There are on record, therefore, a sufficient number of elements to justify the initiation of the investigation to integrate the calculation of the specific factual hipóstese mentioned here”, reports the prosecutor.

Janot asked, and they were approved by Teori, steps involving the deployment of the project documentation in Salvador by BR Distribuidora, in addition to the testimony of Collor, Pedro Paulo, Leo Pinheiro, Paulo Roberto de Oliveira and Vilson Reichembach.

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