With the help of CMM, Manaus Prefecture reform Mini Olympic Village in Santo Antonio neighborhood

For over ten years, the complex was just a renovation.
28/06/2016 07h48 - Updated 28/06/2016 07h48
Photo: Tiago Correa/CMM

The dream waited for more than a decade of the residents of Santo Antonio neighborhood, West Zone of Manaus, It came true in the night of Monday (27), with the delivery of the Olympic Minivila Jair Sampaio completely overhauled, thanks to a unique partnership between the City of Manaus (CMM) and the City.

Accompanied by councilors, secretaries and undersecretaries, President of the Legislative Branch, Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS) and the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto (PSDB) They made the official handover of the complex to the residents of the neighborhood and adjacent, that marked massive presence at the event.

"It is the sense of accomplishment and today walking across Minivila realize that the House hit the sensitivity to make a save effort, even in time of crisis facing Brazil, for this work a reality. I understand that every real spent in this complex was important to return residents a better quality of life. The City Council made the work beautifully in this unique partnership between the two Powers ", said Wilker Barreto during delivery space.

In turn, the chief executive also highlighted the mature relationship with the municipal parliament and the example of this are the works arising from parliamentary amendments tune with society, generating employment, They cost little and significant social return. on the occasion, the mayor noted that the Municipality has delivered two Minivilas Olympic revitalized the city of Manaus, one of them, the sports complex Crowned neighborhood, East zone, and now Minivila of St. Anthony.

"There are still four of the six who were handed over to traffickers and bandits, but I guarantee that this space, as well as other, You will have the best Municipal Guard, with help of the best guards that will be families who will enjoy the space ", said Arthur Neto.

The president of the Santo Antonio Sports League, Cristiano de Souza, the revitalization of Minivila is a dream come true. According to him, space for more than ten years served as a hideout for bandits and drug users. "Today our community makes a big dream, thanks to the partnership of the House with the City ", said Cristiano.

resident there 40 years site, housewife Aldeíde Ramos, 50, He recognized that the complex lived abandoned. "Now the space back to life. From today I and my family will return to practice healthy sport. I was counting the days to this opening and now I and my friends have a place for our pleasure ", He noted the inhabitant.

Accustomed to play football every evening on the soccer field Minivila, the industrialist, john Baptist, 45, said that with the revitalization of the complex, can bring to the family. "I am very happy to participate in this great event that the City has given us", he said.

About to Minivila Olympic

The Olympic Minivila of St. Anthony is an important sport space and city leisure, result of the works of rehabilitation and reform, financed with CMM resources worth more than R $ 3 millions, through pioneering partnership with Manaus Prefecture, performed by the Municipal Infrastructure (Seminf).


For over ten years, the complex was just a renovation. With the work of renewal and reform, the space was covered with general maintenance at the park, including from the football field, with new fencing both the players, as covered grandstand, maintenance of buildings, that they were vandalized, roofs, painting, new facilities, swimming pools, locker rooms, besides parking 84 new jobs and access ramp for people with disabilities.

Besides that, visitors to the Minivila Jair Sampaio will have internet released from 18h to 6h, and may also use the parking from 14h.

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