With priority to the primary sector, FPS approves transfer of $ 3,3 million to social institutions

The transfer is to 23 Civil Society Organizations (OSCs), providing welfare services in the State.
29/06/2016 18h50 - Updated 29/06/2016 18h51
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Giving priority to activities for the development of the primary sector in and for the inclusion of institutions that are benefiting for the first time, Social Promotion Fund (FPS), Government of Amazonas, approved on Tuesday, 28 of June, the transfer of R $ 3,383 million for 23 Civil Society Organizations (OSCs), providing welfare services in the State.

Projects approved during the first meeting of the Board of FPS, in the press room of the Amazon seat of government, benefit 11 counties, besides Manaus. Many of these within the project is within the mode of Productive Inclusion, that is, will help associations and cooperatives that develop activities related to the primary sector in rural communities. Are resources for the acquisition of machinery and equipment for processing of fruits, tractors, trucks, agricultural implements, among others.

Only for productive inclusion mode are being allocated approximately R $ 1,777 million with the prospect of direct benefit 1,4 thousand people. "The approval of these projects took into account the José Melo governor's policy in the development of new economic matrix of the state that seeks to strengthen the primary sector and promote activities aimed at sustainability of the interior", notes the president of honor of the FPS, First Lady of the State, Fabiana Gomes de Oliveira, who chaired the meeting of the Board in which the projects were approved.

According to the executive secretary of the FPS, Vania Barbosa Cyrino, the intention of the Government of Amazonas is the next notice of the Fund, with the provision of an additional $ 4 million and should be released soon, should also prioritize the primary sector. She said that the Development Agreement, legal instrument that replaces the agreement on new legislation that deals with the public power of partnerships in the social area, It must be signed until next Friday (1Th July).

Approved resources still meet the modalities “People with Disabilities”, “Child and teenager” e “Health and Aging”. Total, projects should benefit about four thousand people from Manaus, Coari, Iranduba, Tabatinga, Itapiranga, Humaita, Envira, Manacapuru, Barcelos, Labrea, Tapauá and Parintins. They were selected from 58 projects that responded to the announcement released in the month of March 2016.

Diversification and opportunity
Another point that draws attention is the fact that for almost 50% institutions that have approved projects are benefiting for the first time. These include the Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional (APAE) Tabatinga and the Association of Physically Handicapped (ADEMI) Itapiranga.

"Considering the importance of the proposal and the compliance with the standards Notice grounded in Law 13.019/2014, establishing the regulatory framework regarding the role of Civil Society, we get open so that we can achieve greater coverage and diversification of possible projects, both for the institutions and municipalities ", notes Vania Cyrino, to remember that the Regulatory Framework, approved at the beginning of the year, opens the range for new institutions to participate in tenders, the example of cooperatives, that were not covered.

Beside Envira, the municipalities of Itapiranga and Tabatinga are receiving funds for the first time. Also according to the executive secretary, FPS is the intention of giving, increasingly, attention to municipalities with Human Development Index (IDH) low.

In addition to representatives of the FPS, the Deliberative Council consists of members of Amazonas Agricultural Development Institute (Execution), the Secretary of State for the Environment (Schema), of Individual Rights of the Secretariat of State with Disabilities (Seped), the Sustainable Development Agency (ADS), State Infrastructure Secretariat (Seinfra), the Secretary of State for Social Assistance (Seas) and the State Health Department (Sesame).

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