Impeachment Committee hears new Dilma defense witnesses

The meeting began around 11am, Wednesday, 22.
22/06/2016 12h30 - Updated 22/06/2016 15h54
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It started around 11 am meeting new suing the Impeachment Committee in the Senate, giving sequence to the audience with defense witnesses away President Rousseff. They should be heard analyst Planning and Budget and General Coordinator of Technology and Information of the Federal Budget Secretariat, Robson Azevedo Rung; the adviser of the National Council of Justice, Ana Maria Duarte Amarante; Institutional Organization Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Luiz Antonio de Souza Cordeiro; and the representative of the Labor Court, Luciano Carlos de Almeida.

Yesterday (21), They were heard the former minister of the Secretariat of Human Rights, Mr Pepe Vargas; the former Minister of Planning, Budget and Management and former president of the Federal Savings Bank, Miriam Belchior; former Undersecretary of Planning and Budget of the Ministry of Justice, Orlando Magalhães da Cunha, and the Budget and Finance Coordinator of the Ministry of Justice Marcelo Minghelli.

Miriam Belchior said the supplemental budget decrees, by which Dilma is accused of having committed a crime committed, It was not illegal and said it was impossible to make a contingency (Resource block) higher than the government has done in 2015.

"I consider a very big setback such a proposal, why, actually, impound hundred-odd billion reais - the most I did was 55, and was an absolute sadness - it means paralyze all political and, more than anything, harm the population that most need the Brazilian state ", said the former minister in reference to the value, in theory, It would need to be contingenciado by the government in 2015.

Already Mr Pepe Vargas (PT-RS) He said he had not committed any irregularity to publish additional credit decrees when headed the Department of Human Rights. According to him, these decrees refer not only to the Treasury resources, but the surplus funds of funds for the Elderly and Children and Adolescents, obtained through donations made by individuals and legal entities, They can not be used for any other purpose.

Source: Agency Brazil

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