Purchase of medicines is new source of fraud in Petrobras

Program was only for employees, but reimbursed drugs by dog, says 'Fantastic'.
27/06/2016 15h36 - Updated 27/06/2016 17h49
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A Petrobras program for the purchase of medicines has become a source of fraud in state. Report displayed on Sunday by "Fantastic", TV Globo, It revealed that the illegal use of the benefit caused monthly losses of R $ 6 millions, corresponding to one third of the total program spending. internal survey showed 13 thousand recipes with irregular repayment, including even the case of purchase of medicines for the dog of an employee.

O program, designed to benefit some 300 thousand employees and their dependents, monthly cost R $ 30 million to state. With the crisis, Petrobras changed the model benefit, called securitization, and hired the company Global Health, in September last year, to try to save. As the new company began to receive a fixed amount of R $ 15 millions, promoted a fine-toothed comb and found in repayments over 13 thousand fraudulent revenue.

The search found blank notes, Undated and without even the doctor's name. The results were forwarded to the Secretary of State of External Control of the Federal Audit Court (TCU). This week, the court will decide whether the Petrobras should end the program or create new control mechanisms for these purchases.

One of the most curious cases was found in a pharmacy Curitiba. Revenue was a veterinary clinic, issued on behalf of the patient "Iza". The report of the "Fantastic" found that Iza is the little dog's name Vanessa Silva, married to an employee of Petrobras. Approached by the reporter, Vanessa admitted that the money was used for dog:

- But it's part of my family. It is to buy medicine. If you have the discount, I have the right.

O program, suspended by Petrobras after the discovery of irregularities, I worked for ten years. For using-lo, enough to the employee go to a contracted pharmacy and present the prescription and health card program. The pharmacy sending the account to a firm hired to administer the program, and the cost was passed on to Petrobras.

by rule, employees should only buy medicine for themselves and their dependents. But the lack of control paved the way for misrepresentations. This is the case nine purchases on the same day, 27 July last year, with an even number of payee, in different states. The shopping tour starts in Candeias, in Bahia. Minutes later, appears in Angra dos Reis, in the river. To follow, new buy, in Salvador. After, three times in Rio, one in São Paulo, another in Singapore and once in Salvador.

Localized, the owner of the card, Dulce Fernandes Pereira, Petrobras retired in Salvador, denied involvement:

- No. No way. I, inclusive, already has more than three years do not travel.

In a note to GLOBE, Petrobras says that since July 2015 investigates irregularities in the provision of pharmacy benefit, established in 2006 and extended from the collective bargaining agreement 2013 and that “until now, the investigation concludes that accountability six people, including company employees”.

Source: The globe

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