Crimes against the Environment increased over 30% this year

This year 167 cases were recorded from January to May against 126 cases in the same period last year.
06/06/2016 06h51 - Updated 7/06/2016 07h46
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On World Environment Day, celebrated today (05), Councilman Everaldo Farias (PV) released a balance of crimes recorded in the Environment Commission of the Manaus City Hall (CMM), of which he is president. the survey, the number of environmental crimes increased 32% in 2016: were 167 cases recorded from January to May this year against 126 cases in the same period last year.

"The increase in these crimes shows, first, that the population is more aware of the importance of reporting them, but it is also a warning to the Government make a re-evaluation of public policy regarding the environment in Manaus, a city which is the main environmental framework of the Amazon region ", apontou o vereador Everaldo Farias.

De acordo com dados da Comissão de Meio Ambiente da CMM, o crime mais denunciado foi o descarte irregular de resíduos sólidos (40%), aterro em nascentes de igarapés (20%), invasão a Áreas de Preservação Permanente, as APPs, (15%), noise pollution (12%), deforestation (8%) e poluição do ar (5%).

“Os principais tipos de crimes ambientais denunciados se mantiveram os mesmos em 2015 e 2016. Last year, nossa principal pauta ambiental foi o combate ao descarte irregular de lixo, doméstico e industrial, que é o primeiro no ranking de denúncias. O trabalho reflete o problema que sofremos no ano passado e continuamos sofrendo este ano. Já denunciei o caso ao Ministério Público e a outras instituições fiscalizadoras. Estamos acompanhando”, said Councilman.

In 2015, Everaldo Farias has filed a representation in the State Prosecutor (MP-AM) against the illegal disposal of industrial waste. The complaint was forwarded to the Public Prosecution Service (MPF). "Regardless of the ongoing investigations, we are following the important work of the Municipal Public Cleaning (Semulsp) and the Municipal Environment and Sustainability (Semmas) They are doing to curb the practice and that has generated great results ", said the parliamentary.

The second most crime reported to the Environment Committee, landfill springs, It occurred mainly in the case of the Social and Environmental Program work of Igarapés Manaus (Prosamim). "Did the project meet the housing demand, but environmental issues suffered serious problems. So much so that we request a public hearing to discuss the subject ", Farias explained.

Last month, the Director of CMM Bureau approved the Application No. 0800/2016 Everaldo requesting to hold a public hearing to clarify the PROSAMIM and continuity. The meeting should take place in the coming days. Should participate in the Secretary of State for Infrastructure hearing (Seinfra), Municipal Social Order and Urban Planning (Implurb), Federal Public Ministry, State Prosecutor's Office, Municipal Environment.

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