Cunha rating awarded to snitching and relinquish office

parliamentary assessment is that, to leak information about snitching, Cunha is warning that will not go down alone.
16/06/2016 15h22 - Updated 16/06/2016 15h22
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Cornered with the approval of cassation request to the Board of Ethics and reduced chances of saving his tenure on the House, Deputy Eduardo Cunha away (PMDB-RJ) He began to consider the possibility of collaborating with justice by winning tipoff and step down as president of the Chamber, second he found the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo.

The evaluation in Congress is that the circular leave information about the possibility of a married tipoff with resignation, the PMDB indicates the parliamentary and the presidential palace that will not fall alone.

Its strategy aims to reduce the pressure of the judiciary against him and stop the succession of negative facts published daily on the deputy and his family.

Officially, Cunha denies intent, why, according to him, “He did not commit any crime and has nothing to betray”.

The chances that the deputy away to save are considered minimal. So much so that yesterday the joints to succeed him as president of the Chamber were intensified.

conversations, until then discrete, They entered the discussion stage of possible names of candidates for the election of the PMDB's successor.

The current and former opposition in the House met again for the fourth time to discuss the matter. PT, PC do B, PDT and Network and PSDB, THE, PPS and PSB discussed the nomination of a single candidate supported by both groups to oppose the name to be presented by Centrão – formed by 13 parties and led by PP, PSD, PR e PTB.

“Discussions are advancing. The idea is to create some degree of unity between the old and the current opposition”, said Jose Guimaraes (FOR WHAT).

Some names have already been placed, as the deputies José Carlos Alleluia (DEM-BA), Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), Julio Delgado (PSB-MG), Antonio Imbassahy (PSDB-BA) and Arlindo Chinaglia (PT-SP).

in Centrão, gained strength the names of Spyridon Amin Members (PP-SC), Aguinaldo Ribeiro (PP-PB), Jovair Arantes (PTB-GO) e Rogério Rosso (PSD-DF). The latter two, However, They say they have no interest in disputing a cap mandate in the House.

The dispute between Centrão and former opposition should cause again a rift in the ally of the president based on Michel Temer exercise.

The two groups will charge Temer support in the election. This dispute between the groups comes from the government leader in the House of choice, Temer when one passed over DEM name and chose André Moura (PSC-SE).

The Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ), next forum clashes between allies and adversaries Wedge, its members say the college is technical and only attend any Cunha resource if identified “very strong formal defect” in the process led by the board.

They point out that since the creation of the Ethics Committee, in 2001, CCJ never gave fully upheld the represented feature.

Former ally of Cunha, Mr Elmar Birth (DEM-BA) He left the Rapporteur of the resources that the PMDB had filed the CCJ to avoid being linked to the president of the House away.

The president of the CCJ, Osmar Serraglio (PMDB-PR), It is struggling to find a replacement.

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