Informant says he paid R $ 30 million to Eduardo Braga, says Estadão

The Senator said through his press office, never received values ​​of Hypermarcas or its former director.
28/06/2016 09h05 - Updated 29/06/2016 08h19
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A new plea bargaining, signed with the Attorney General's Office, points out the alleged transfer of millions in bribes to PMDB senators, among them former government minister of Mines and Energy Dilma Rousseff, Eduardo Braga, President of Congress, Renan Calheiros (AL), Romero Juca (RR).

Nelson Mello, former director of Institutional Relations Group Hypermarcas, He said in his statement to prosecutors that paid $ 30 million two lobbyists with traffic in Congress to make the transfers.

Senator Eduardo Braga, through its press office, reported not knowing or maintain any kind of relationship with Lucio Funaro and Miltom Lyra. The senator also said he never received values ​​of Hypermarcas or its former director, Nelson Mello.

Lucius Bologna Funaro and Milton Lyra would be responsible for distributing the money to the senators. Mello ousted in February and, then, He left the post he held in Hypermarcas.

The Attorney General's Office will ask the Supreme Court that the claims involving politicians are investigated. The facts narrated are not surveys targeted during Operation Lava Jato. The information passed on by Mello refer to the work of parliamentarians in defending the company's interests in Congress.

lobbyists, according to Mello, said acting on behalf of politicians and that they could take interest initiatives of the company and the industry in Congress. According to the informer, Lucio Bologna Funaro was said "very close" the president of the House away, Deputy Eduardo Cunha (PMDB / RJ), and other PMDB House. Milton Lyra, in turn, He claimed to act on behalf of the senators "of the PMDB bench" that would have addressed most of the tuition fee.

Mello said he met lobbyists in Brasilia. He said he set with Funaro and Lira to "approach" the power. Your objective, stated, was "protecting" the market representing. He said that, in review, the industry "had to have a legal protection".

Mello worked for over 20 years in Hypermarcas, group which resigned after closing the tipoff. He said "ressarciu" the group that amount is said to have passed on to lobbyists. According to him, Hypermarcas company "did not receive any advantage nor suffered losses because it was repaid".


The executive cited several names, including Braga, Renan, Juca and Cunha. In Lava Jato, Funaro has been appointed as Cunha operator and responsible for enabling the flow of bribes from contractors for the Member's accounts outside the country.

The researchers came to map two cars, a Hyundai Tucson and a Land Rover Freelander, on behalf of the company C3 Productions, da Cunha's wife, but they were paid by companies linked to Funaro. Also at Lava Jato, brothers Miltom and Salim Schain, the Schain group, They told investigators that were threatened by Funaro because of problems in the work of his interest and Cunha.

Cup 2014

Former Minister of Mines and Energy was quoted in plea bargaining former executives linked to the construction company Andrade Gutierrez as a bribe recipient works in the Amazon and bids related to the World Cup.

Source: Estadão

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