PSDB deputies miram municipalities in the PT CPI Merenda

The main target will be the mayor Luiz Marinho, São Bernardo do Campo former minister in President Lula's government.
28/06/2016 14h37 - Updated 28/06/2016 14h37
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Deputies of the base of the governor Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo, which are the vast majority in the CPI of the Merenda, They want the commission to investigate prefectures of PT that signed contracts with COAF, suspected cooperative rig bids and pay bribes to politicians.

The main target will be the mayor Luiz Marinho, São Bernardo do Campo (Grande SP), former minister in President Lula's government. There is already a requirement for it to be called to testify.

St. Bernard is one of more than 20 cities investigated in Operation Alba White, Civil Police and prosecutors, who discovered the alleged scheme responsible for diverting resources contracts with municipalities and the Alckmin government.

In practice, the strategy of base members will have two immediate effects: take the focus of the state government and the President of the Assembly, Fernando Capez (PSDB), investigated in Alba White, and wear managements PT, especially in election year.

On the other hand, there were municipalities that have made some of the biggest contracts with suspicion cooperative -in the case of São Bernardo, maize R $ 4 millions, below only to the two contracts with the State Department of Education, which totaled R $ 11,4 million for orange juice delivery.

“They want to create a smokescreen to protect the state government”, He criticized Mr Alencar Santana Braga (PT), the only opposition in the CPI. The other eight members are the base.

“I think they [PT] wanted protection for municipalities. When they complained to include the prefectures [in the calculation] was the fear of the municipalities of the PT are involved”, Orlando countered Living (PSDB), alternate in committee.

A CPI, installed in the last quarter (22), It was approved in May after students occupied the plenary of the Assembly. The CPI proposal sewn by pro-government deputies, which was that avenged, municipalities included in the scope of the investigation.

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