Deviations would have defrayed expenses of Paul Bernardo and PT, says MPF

The investigation pointed to a law firm linked to the former minister received about R $ 7 millions.
23/06/2016 12h59 - Updated 23/06/2016 12h59
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Former Minister Planning Paulo Bernardo had, according to the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and the Federal Police, personal expenses and electoral campaigns paid by the corruption scheme investigated by Operation Cost Brazil, triggered today (23). The investigation pointed to a law firm linked to the former minister received about R $ 7 millions. Of this total, it is estimated that 80% Money costed spending former minister.

The MPF PF and evaluate that were diverted over R $ 100 million of payroll credit management system between the Ministry of Planning 2010 e 2015. According to investigations, Public and political agents received illegal payments from the contract made with the company Consist, responsible for managing the payroll loans - discount loans sheet - for federal civil servants. The survey points out that, that amount, 70% They were diverted to shell companies. Each payroll loan signed, They should be charged R $ 0,30 to fund the company's services, but investigations showed that they were being charged about R $ 1 each contract.

Paulo Bernardo
From two false contracts, resources reached the final recipients, including former Minister Paulo Bernardo, arrested this morning. "Money always leave the Consist, the company involved, It was passed on to partners, who were these money laundering operators, companies which were, in many cases facade. There was no provision of service. In so many cases, simulated to provide services. That money came partners and was, So, distributed to the final recipients. In the end of the chain were always those politicians and public officials ", said Attorney Andrey Borges de Mendonça.

According to the prosecutor Andrey Borges de Mendonça, the former minister not only benefited from resources from deviations and was instrumental in the creation of the scheme. “Paul Bernardo was finance minister at the time it was started the criminal scheme. It was he who indicated key stakeholders so that the scheme is initiated, first and second tier. For this scheme could not be established, but maintained for five years ", He stressed.

Initially, Bernardo was, according to Mendonça, approximately recipient 9,5% Money transferred to the shell companies. After, with the output of the Ministry of Planning, the percentage received by the former minister fell to 4,6% and reached 2,3% in recent months in which the frauds were made.

The Federal Police unleashed today (23) Former Planning Minister Paulo Bernardo was remanded in custody this morning (23), in Brasilia, during Operation Cost Brazil's Federal Police, a breakdown of Operation Lava Jato. Or ex-minister, which should be conducted to Sao Paulo, it is investigated, according to PF, in a bribe payment scheme over R $ 100 million to various public officials and political agents of the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management, between the years 2010 e 2015.

in a statement, the former minister lawyers reported that “Ministry of Planning merely make a technical cooperation agreement with banks associations, notably ABBC and SINAPP, and there is no type of public contract, nor expenditures by the federal government agency. Even so, within the Ministry of Planning, responsibility for the technical cooperation agreement was the Human Resources Department and, not involve spending, the question even passed the approval of the Minister.”

“Not only that, the investigation launched to determine the issue for almost a year has not had any action, even though the Minister was made available several times both in court and the prosecutors and Federal Police. The defense had no access to decision yet, but it said that the arrest is illegal, it does not satisfy the requirements authorizers and so know the foundations of the prison decree will take appropriate action ", the statement said, signed by Veronica Sterman and Rodrigo Mudrovitsch.

Operation Cost Brazil was triggered today from the award-winning denunciation of former councilor in Americana (SP) Alexander Romano. According to investigations, Roman had a group of companies in its name and close relatives, that they were used to hide the source of money diverted from the contract with Consist and make payments for the benefit of the PT. In contrast, former councilor would be about 20% the amounts handled by front companies.

Valter Correia da Silva
Between the 11 stuck in operation today is the Municipal Secretary for Management of the City of São Paulo, Valter Correia da Silva. According to Mendonça, he served for deviations continue to occur and received a percentage of illegal funds. "The São Paulo management secretary had an office in one of the departments in the ministry responsible for the renewal of technical cooperation agreements. That is, Valter was the person responsible for maintaining the scheme in force ", said attorney.

Correia held the position of Secretary of the Ministry of Planning Management, Budget and Management 2005 a 2007. February 2011 to November 2012, he held the deputy executive secretary of the ministry. And between November 2012 and February 2015, He headed the Special advice to Folder Management Modernization. In March 2015, He was invited to work with the mayor of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad.

A Pernambuco company received approximately R $ 30 million from the scheme for, second Mendonça, assist political allies of the PT government. "This amount was intended for political gear remained. Research is ongoing to identify all the actual recipients of these values. "Said.

Source: Agency Brazil

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