DMV-AM rides task force for state creation of the Dismantle Law

The law will define operational criteria of outlets parts used vehicles.
14/06/2016 06h55 - Updated 15/06/2016 08h23
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The State Department Amazon Transit (DMV-AM) He has already begun work on drafting the bill that will regulate the dismantling activity of vehicles in the state of Amazonas. State law will define the operating criteria for parts of outlets used vehicles, the so-called iron-old, recycling of waste and also how they will be review by the DMV-AM parts and other public safety agencies, in addition to the Secretary of State of Finance (Sefaz-AM) and environmental agency.

In this Monday, 13 of June, during a public hearing, a task force was formed with the participation of DMV-AM and other bodies, that will act directly in monitoring activity in all state municipalities, and also the legal advice of the state deputy Sinésio Campos (PT-AM), who left the initiative to discuss the issue in the Amazon Legislative Assembly.

According to the CEO of the DMV-AM, Leonel Feitoza, after the approval of a state law that will regulate and discipline the vehicle dismantling activity in the state of Amazonas, the agency will make meetings with civil society and junkyards owners and sales outlets for parts for used cars and buying and selling of scrap, to guide how occur enforcement actions, what their legal requirements for facilities, operating criteria, as the use of identification labels and the list of mandatory traceability of parts, among other important points, defined in Resolution 530 Contran, which regulated Law 12.977.

Discussions on the implementation of Law 12.977/15, regulated by the National Traffic Council (Contran), at the end of May this year (resolution 530, from 24 from May of 2016), They began on 3 of June, during a public hearing organized at the initiative of the state deputy Sinésio Campos (PT), the state parliament. "The idea is to work together with other security organs and also the state Finance and Environment, for the monitoring of vehicle dismantling activity is effective ", reinforced Leonel Feitoza.

The President of Amazonas and Roraima Brokers' Union, Jair Fernandes, believes that the entry into force of the new law will bring great benefits to the state, such as reduced rates of theft occurrences, theft and accidents generated by unregulated parts, besides the possible decrease in the rates of insurance values ​​and reduced environmental impact due to the commercialization of control.

According to the calculations of the National Federation of Private Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers, Capitalization, Private Pension, of Brokerage Companies Insurance and Reinsurance (Fenacor), presented by the Brokers Syndicate, after the implementation of the law, there will be a drop of up to 50% in cases of burglaries and car thefts in the Amazonas.

The Amazon has a fleet of 804 thousand vehicles and, according to data from the Public Security Bureau of the State (SSP-AM), only last year 1.013 vehicles were stolen in the state, most in the capital.

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