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Raul Velloso said the Wheel Life Program, Joseph Melo as well as other 3 governors should receive a recognition award from the National Treasury.
28/06/2016 13h47 - Updated 29/06/2016 08h18
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The fiscal adjustment measures adopted by the Governor Jose Melo were deployed late on Monday, day 27 of June, the Wheel Life Program, TV Culture. The evening interviewed, economist Raul Veloso, considered one of the most respected experts in the country's public accounts, economic consultant and columnist of the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo and Globo, said Governor Jose Melo, as well as the governors of the Holy Spirit, Paulo Hartung; Rondonia, Confucius Moura, and Amapá, Camilo Capiberibe, They should receive a recognition award from the National Treasury for having managed to keep public finances in balance, before the crisis scenario.

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The comment was a reaction to the questioning of the show's host, journalist Augusto Nunes, it is not an injustice the fact that the federal government be bailing some states, the example of Rio de Janeiro, which led its economy to collapse, to the detriment of others who "fulfilled their homework".

"Some states or governors have adopted tough measures to achieve fiscal adjustment. This did not happened, for example, in Rio de Janeiro, where there was a reckless spending spree throughout the government of Sergio Cabral. And this continued. The government (Federal) It is resolving the situation in some of these states that are broken. That's it is not unfair to those who did the homework?"Asked the presenter.

In response, the respondent suggested the tribute. "There are four states that fit this your model. And I praise and I think we should institute an award in the national treasure and honor these four governors ", said Raul Velloso.

Raul Veloso was coordinator between IPEA 1981 e 1984 and Secretary of the Planning Ministry of Economic Affairs in the government Sarney. He is currently a member of the board of BNDES Administration, Embraer and IBGE. In 2016, in partnership with economists Marcos Mendes and Paulo Springer de Freitas, He launched the book "The day of the fiscal judgment", that is, among other topics, the reasons that led the Brazilian fiscal policy on the verge of collapse. The Roda Viva interviewers bench assembled journalists Dirceu Brisola (Brazil Now), Maria Cristina Farias (leaf), André Lahóz (Exam), Márcio Kroehn (This is Money) e Pedro Lobato (Minas). With real-time drawings of cartoonist Paul Caruso the program was broadcast live on TV Cultura.

Cutting the meat

The Amazon stands out among the few states of the federation have been able to balance its accounts in the midst of a major economic crisis registered in the country. Even headed the list of the most affected by the drop in revenue, the state has been able to pay salaries on time servers (including the 13th salary), maintain essential services and the payment of suppliers, as well as investments in works, despite reduced, continue to contribute to the economy in the state.

According to Finance Secretary Afonso Lobo, it being possible, because the government began to make adjustments in time and cut the flesh, without compromising the functioning of the administrative machinery and essential services.

Since the beginning of 2015 They were made two administrative reforms at the state level with closure and merging departments, cuts of nearly a thousand commissioned servers, reduction agreements and the adoption of measures to make the most efficient storage. In 2016, adjustments continued and Jose Melo returned to ask the departments an expense containment plan, this time included the reduction of working hours from eight to six hours and the consequent suspension of food stamps for those who adopt the new regime, renegotiation and reduction of contracts and agreements to provide services, sponsorship suspension cultural events, and announced a reordering in the health network of the State.

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