Emotion and popular joy mark the arrival of the Olympic Torch to Manaus

Former coach of Amazonense Selection Handball, Walmir Alencar, It led to calls in the Amazon Arena.
20/06/2016 14h41 - Updated 20/06/2016 14h41
Photo: Press Release / Manauscult

The Olympic Torch arrived at Arena da Amazônia, in the Central South zone of the capital, led by former physical education teacher and former coach of Amazonense Selection Handball, Walmir Alencar, 74 years, who won the title of champion Brazil and South American champion the front of the Amazon team. Present at the inauguration of the old Vivaldo Lima Stadium, in 1970, Walmir had, now, the opportunity to lead the flame in the Amazon Arena.

“I am very happy and honored. I think it was the ideal closure for all that I have dedicated myself to the sport”, he said, In August, will be in Rio de Janeiro, the invitation of the Olympic Committee Rio 2016 to watch the games.

Walmir passed the Olympic flame to the Glauber Penha design, responsible for the company Caboquês ​​Illustrated, producing shirts with Region of themes to enhance the local expressions and Amazonian culture.

The executive director of the Rio Committee 2016, general Marco Aurélio Vieira, next to the Governor of the State, Jose Melo, among other authorities, He accompanied the torch relay and highlighted the great feast made by Manaus to receive this important just before the Olympics 2016. “Manaus is being scored top marks. These are not the only games in Rio de Janeiro, but in Brazil and we are very happy to be able to show the Amazonas State beauties”, commented.

Before the arrival of the torch in the Amazon Arena, the fanfare of Senador Petronio Portela school made popular music performances. The audience in the stadium can still attend a presentation of the Brazilian Army parachutists team. The Warrant Officer Hilton Pereira landed on the lawn carrying the flag of Brazil and moved the audience.

Small Joel Morets, 8 years, and cousin Fabio Costa, 9 years, They were among the hundreds of children waiting anxious the arrival of the Olympic Symbol. At the end of the event, Fabio and Joel were only joy. “I found it all very cool. It was exciting to see the torch up close”, said Fabio, who also said that will save the time in the memory forever.

Outside the Arena, or Bolivian Fabian Amaya, who is on vacation with his family in Manaus, also made sure to follow the torch relay in the capital. "We heard on television and we could not lose. It is a special moment and I made sure to bring my family, as in Bolivia we never had this opportunity ", he said, accompanied by his wife, children and in-laws.

Throughout Sunday morning, 19, the teams of the Municipal Institute of Urban Planning (Implurb) They identified over 10 tracks in some parts of the city, as the avenue Santos Dumont and road Ponta Negra, that they were taken with the support of the Municipal Public Cleaning (Semulsp). Most were on poles and in the median, where it is not allowed the placement of advertising material, as provided for in the Master Plan of Manaus.

An ambush marketing action was also dismantled in Boulevard, where there was a mattress sales stall. In the avenue Constantino Nery was told by the owner to withdraw a grill obstructing the public footpath.

Moreover Implurb, the city will continue to act with all its organs by the end of the Olympic Torch Relay in Manaus, to prevent disorder or any other kind of problem for the population.

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