Businessman commits suicide after fire 223 employees because of the crisis

The body had a rope around his neck at the plant in Rio Claro (SP).
22/06/2016 15h27 - Updated 22/06/2016 15h27
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The owner of the Rio Claro sofas company (SP) who last week resigned 223 employees because of the crisis and decline in sales was found dead in the factory on Tuesday (21). An employee who arrived for work around 7am found the businessman Luis Antonio Scussolino, from 66 years, without life. The Civil Police registered the case as suicide.

The military police were called and, when we arrived at the scene, He found the body of the victim with a rope around his neck. The technical expertise found that the cause of death was neck break.

The businessman's body will be buried at 10:30 am Wednesday (22) Palm trees at the Park Cemetery, in Rio Claro.

Photo: reproduction

Photo: reproduction

massive layoffs
After more than 20 years, the city returned to register a mass layoff. On Monday (13), the Luizzi Upholstery fired 223 workers. The company said, despite facing difficulties because of falling sales, maintained employment 870 officials.

The company also said it submitted a proposal to the union to prevent layoffs: reduction of working hours and 20% wages, but it was rejected by the majority of employees. He also said that is calculating the value of terminations and struggling to pay.

Fear and disorders
Were 8 years as upholsterer. The money I earned helped support the family and now jobless Osmar Barbosa does not know what to do. "I was kind of scared, I did not expect ", said.
In this Monday (20), laid-off made the medical examination. "My wife depends on my salary, I have many bills to pay, loan made in the bank. Now only God knows what I'll do ", said production operator Abdias Eustaquio da Silva.

The fear is that the company does not pay all that they are entitled, so the Ministry of Labour is following the case. The deadline to settle accounts with the employees is ten days. "If the company does not pay, there is the penalty provided for in Article 477 CLT is the value of a nominal salary for each employee ", He explained Fabio Cigagna, regional head of the Ministry of Labor in Rio Claro.

Economic downturn
A mass layoff did not happen in the city for over 20 years. The latter was 1995. In season, one car factory closed and Gurgel 1 thousand workers were sent away. Now the situation is further complicated in the face of economic crisis the country.

The Secretary of Economy and Finance, Japir Pimentel Porto, He said that this type of situation affects the whole city economy. "The person who has no income ceases to consume the city what it normally consumed. Thereby, the city fails to collect because all consumption generates revenues in terms of taxes and charges ", said.

indefinite future
The packager Genivaldo Sailva de Oliveira said, so settle accounts with the company, go away from Rio Claro. "I'm going to my land, although for Mines. To get here does not work ".

For those who stay, the question is how to get back to the labor market. Get a job is not easy. The service station the worker is full of unemployed. Approximately 200 They are serviced daily and have no vacancies for everybody. In this Monday, for example, there was only 15 open.

"We have to prepare them to qualify them also for other employment gender so that they can serve the market", Valdir said Duarte, Director of Customer Service Worker Program (PAT).

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