state schools in the west have evolution of educational indicators

Evolution has as parameter educational data of the year 2015 and the first two months of 2016.
17/06/2016 07h50 - Updated 17/06/2016 14h14
Photo: Eduardo Cavalcante / Seduc

The State Department of Education (Seduc), through its District Coordinating Office of Education 4, brought together, this week, Community, parents of students, managers and employees of 34 public schools operating in the west of Manaus, for the presentation of educational projects developed for the development of students. on the occasion, schools had, also, indicators that show the evolution of educational income in the school network.

The presentation of projects and activity index for the community occurred in the state school Senator Flávio da Costa Brito, located in Armando Cunha Street, s/nº, Rio Xingu together, Compensates neighborhood and with the participation of the Secretary of State Education, Algemiro Ferreira Lima, school managers, Seduc of department directors, Assistant Secretaries and representatives of the District Coordination.

According to the secretary of Seduc, Algemiro Ferreira Lima, the activity consisted of an opportune moment to approach the community and accountability to society of investment in education. "It is vital for educational development the establishment of a link involving educators, Community, students and their families. Thus, the educational objectives are achieved effectively. Through this educational event held with the participation of representatives of our 34 public schools operating in the west of Manaus, we seek to strengthen this link, highlighting education as a tool for personal and collective development ", appointed Secretary of Seduc, Algemiro Ferreira Lima.

In this ocasion, the District Coordinating Office of Education 4, He presented the evolution of the indicators. Having as parameter the educational year data 2015 and the first two months of 2016, statistics show a reduction in school failure rates, from 6,24% in 2015 for 5,22% the first two months of 2016; reducing the dropout rate, from 11,2% for 11,0% and the evolution of pass rates, signaling the learning efficiency: from 82,5% for 83,7%.

According to the district coordinator 4, Professor Angélica Matilde, educational event added value to the educational project teaching the public schools.

covering 34 public schools, In Manaus, the District Coordinating Office of Education 4, account, in 2016, with 2.750 students enrolled in the 1st elementary school cycle; 2.311 students enrolled in the 2nd elementary school cycle; 9.230 students enrolled in elementary education from 6th to 9th grade and 8.026 students enrolled in high school.

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