Experts disapprove ceremony with wild animal

For high researchers degree of stress can be reduced or eliminated the effect of the tranquilizer injected into the feline.
21/06/2016 13h36 - Updated 22/06/2016 12h47
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The Olympic torch relay event at the War Instructions Center Jungle (Cigs) It may have caused high degree stress in Oz Juma, who was killed with a pistol shot after the ceremony, and this may have reduced or eliminated the effect of the tranquilizer injected her minutes after his escape from jail, second specialists.

According to a note issued by the Amazon Military Command (CMA), after it has escaped from the cage, a team of specialized veterinarians was moved to rescue the animal. They would have fired tranquillizers in Oz, However, it just advancing in the military even with the drug effect.

According to the researcher of the Institute Mamirauá, Emiliano Ramalho, It is a mistake to make a ceremony of this size, involving fire, different odors, and people, with the presence of wild animals by more docile it is because it is an unusual situation for the animal.

For also a researcher at the Institute Mamirauá, Maranhão Louise, the ideal is to keep distance and just touching the animal when it is anesthetized. Regarding the effect of the tranquilizer she said that the high level of stress can invalidate the drug in the animal's body or take longer to act.

The press office of the Mamirauá Institute reported that the drug may have been ineffective, but it is not possible to say whether the stress of the ceremony caused the Oz attack.

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