Feliciano challenges Duvivier in radio program : 'Why do not joke with Islam?’

The minister's argument is that comedians like Duvivier not have any respect for Christianity.
30/06/2016 13h54 - Updated 1/07/2016 16h11
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The actor Gregorio Duvivier and congressman Marco Feliciano (PSC-SP) live discussed on the radio program Panic, Jovem Pan, this week. During the interview the presenters were surprised by the comment of deputy for Twitter, after review Duvivier humorist on the radio about the claims made by the pastor to the channel “Back door”. “are cowards! They use the power of media to debocharem people without giving the right of reply”, said Feliciano.

The deputy then made another post,saying that would connect to the radio studio then. In connection Feliciano Duvivier asked about a range of issues, but did not get answers, just taunts and insults.

"When he says that is not the PT. Where have you seen it? Assume, friend. It is more PT than any of us. It is redder than Fidel Castro. My problem with Duvivier is that I wanted to know why he does not make a charge, makes no mood to Islam, with the Islamic State, with Muhammad. Why do only with Christianity?”, needled Feliciano.

The Feliciano's argument is that "the politically correct destroyed our country" and humorists as Duvivier not have any respect for Christianity, profession of faith of most Brazilians. Classifying as "gratuitously offensive", PSC leader in the House, he assured: "You take advantage and talk to Christians because they do not add up, do not fight, they stop to talk ". For parliamentary, like jokes the doubtful group "touch the faith of millions of people".

The pastor explained that Marco decided to sue the group to "draw attention to the Christian cause". He concluded by saying that you want to "be friends" of Duvivier, inviting the comedian for a debate. However, had the request denied.

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