Festival that only the loss does not deserve support

16/06/2016 10h37 - Updated 16/06/2016 11h16
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I supported the Parintins Festival since 1993 up until 1997, directly, for nothing, disseminating tunes and folk events of associations. I met you merge and righteous people who turned the little party of oxen in Manaus in a magnificent event. People who did everything for love raising money for the Festival in Parintins.

After a while things professionalized and toadas won heights of success, They were created companies FOLK ASSOCIATION GUARANTEED FRIENDS AND MOVEMENT Marujada. Since then the festival has conquered the world.

since there (I'm talking about the years 90 until today) the private sector should be achieved by an intense marketing, involving serious people, but what I saw and came to be trumpeted by the media was a ASSAULT this funds collected that was never actually to help people suffering from Parintins.

People who handled money that should be passed on to the Folk Festival for their own benefit and today, when we think about this and other festivals, We see the Federal Government without agonizing amount to much more significant actions and yet, resources going to play events.

It is difficult to talk about honest policy in a country that turns its back on security and hospital medical care to the detriment of a party that lasts 3 days and does not guarantee their own livelihood. This is FARRA with public money.
If not guarantee and not great pride in the work, reduce the party size or width of the pockets.

Cid Soares

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