Eduardo Cunha's daughter is also in the sights of Operation Lava Jato

Danielle Dytz is alleged to also be a beneficiary of the undeclared accounts of his stepmother, Claudia Cruz.
10/06/2016 14h45 - Updated 12/06/2016 02h18
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The Deputy Eduardo Cunha daughter away (PMDB-RJ) will continue to be investigated, He reported the task force Operation Lava jet on Thursday (9). Danielle Dytz da Cunha Doctorovich is suspected to be the beneficiary of the account Kopek, whose ownership is attributed to the journalist Claudia Cruz, his stepmother and wife of Eduardo Cunha.

“Investigations continue in relation to Daniele Dytz, daughter of Eduardo Cunha, and other investigated, Reggiardo and Luis Jorge Pittaluga, who acted as operators for opening the account Netherton”, points to the Attorney.

In March, Danielle Dytz and Claudia Cruz tried to dodge the federal judge Sergio Moro. His lawyers asked the Supreme Court to reject the request of the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, dismemberment of the case against the president of the House away, and keep the investigation against the daughter and the wedge of women in maximum cutting. The Supreme Court did not accept and had the determination to the task force Lava Jet in Curitiba.

Lawyers Fernanda Tórtima and Ademar Borges, In this ocasion, They said: “There is no doubt that Danielle is investigated by the same facts attributed to his father and his stepmother - namely, the supposed maintenance account unreported abroad, fact that, alone, attracts the incidence of item I of article 77 the Criminal Procedure Code, It is strictly procedural uniqueness”.

The defense argued that “it is enough to see that the petitioner now (Danielle) It is only indicated as a beneficiary of the account Kopek, whose ownership is assigned to her stepmother, and it would have been, according to the indictment, fed with amounts transferred from other accounts controlled by his father”.

Source: Estadão

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